La récolte des cerises noires

It’s no secret that cats somehow know when we are about to take them to the vet and, if they are outdoor cats, they disappear on the morning of the appointment. Even Louis Catorze knows that all he has to do is slip through the hole in the fence separating the Zone Occupée from the Zone Libre, and there is nothing we can do about it.

When Donnie was booked in for his neutering, I advised his mamma to lock him in the night before; in fact, I would have bet my entire house and savings on him doing a runner that morning. What I didn’t expect, however, was for him to absent himself that morning, the day before AND the day before that.

The cheeky little sod eventually showed his face the day after his appointment, having been AWOL for almost four days. His mamma then locked him in and kept him in until the deed was done.

Here he is (pictured in his own house, for once) the day after the fruit harvest, under house arrest and feeling very sorry for himself. If only there were some way of communicating to him that it’s all for his own good.

Oh Donnie boy.

8 thoughts on “La récolte des cerises noires

    1. I’m even wondering whether Donnie will find his way back, now that he’s been under house arrest. Ginger Impinger Dosti (Catorze’s other unneutered male friend from a few years back) was spotted in our street a couple of times after his ballons d’or were plucked, and then never again. 😐

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        1. Oh my goodness! I know we joke about the cat holding the humans responsible and being angry with them, but I’ve never known a cat to actually do it! 😱


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