Bon anniversaire, Papa

Today is Cat Daddy’s birthday, and it’s his last one as the oldest of the household. Because twelve cat years are equivalent to sixty-four human years, next year Louis Catorze is set to take over as Le Doyen du Château, which is both strange and incredibly funny.

Cat Daddy is the man who has everything (except patience for troublemaking black cats), so it’s hard to know what to give him. However, one of my fabulous fellow bloggers happened to point me in the direction of a U.K. website that sells juneberry – aka Saskatoon berry – produce:

If you have never heard of Saskatoon berries, you’re not alone. I only found out about them when they featured on the ingredients list of Catorze’s Orijen Six Fish. Since my discovery that they are real and not some made-up fairyland fruit, there has been quite some talk about them on WordPress, with another excellent blogger posting this article about them:

As nobody has complained more than Cat Daddy about Catorze’s expensive food choice, I think it very fitting that his birthday gift should be a bottle of Saskatoon berry gin liqueur. Every time he takes a sip, he will be reminded of just how fancy and exacting his boy’s tastes are.

Cat Daddy, when I explained the thought behind the gift: “…”

Below is a special royal birthday cocktail that I created for Sa Maj Cat Daddy, which I’m thinking of calling Chat Gâté but other suggestions would be welcomed. It consists of one part Saskatoon berry gin liqueur to four-ish parts Crémant, with a sprig of (I think) lime mint. And, yes, I did make him open the bottle early just so that I could take a photo for Le Blog.

I think it’s hilarious to tell people that Cat Daddy’s drink is made from an ingredient found in cat food. Yes, I know that there is some vital context missing. But it’s funnier that way.

Cat Daddy drew the line at having cat mint as a garnish.

31 thoughts on “Bon anniversaire, Papa

  1. Happy birthday to the CD!

    It’s been quite a while to get ahold of some Saskatoon berries, but it is favorite pie of all time, especially with homemade pâte sucrée pie crust. Since it’s often from Canada and with a fairly short growing season, I wonder why I never thought to see if there are canned/tinned versions available.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve not had any but I’m going to try today! None for Sa Maj as he’s on medication and shouldn’t mix it with booze. 🤣


    1. Thank you! Cat Daddy doesn’t really support England because he hates all the xenophobia that goes with being an England fan, so he wasn’t bothered! 🤣


  2. Maya and Incaare quite jealous that they don’t have a CD and CM who will buy them such treats! But they wish Sa Majesté’s papa un joyeux anniversaire!

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    1. We have some Saskatoon berry plants coming, too, because Cat Daddy’s raspberry plants never grew. 😊


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