Le vieil homme et la bouffe

We have worked out that we have enough Lily’s Kitchen Marvellously Mature to last us until late April. This means that we have around sevenish weeks to figure out how in the world we are going to change the food of a cat who doesn’t like food.

The good news about a late April change is that Louis Catorze’s allergy-prone period will be coming to an end, so we won’t have to endure a food change AND maximum pill dosage AND possible deployment of Le Cône all at the same time. (In fact, as from tomorrow we will be lowering his dose to just one pill a day, as his skin and eyes are looking much less sore now.)

However, at the end of April the little sod will turn 11. And according to, erm, some random charts that I found on the internet – see below for one from catwisdom101.com – this will move him up a whole age category, from Mature to Senior:

Only a few more years until he reaches Geriatric.

In short, he will be turning into a cantankerous old man. And we all know that cantankerous old men are deeply set in their ways and not receptive to change.

He has already taken the first steps towards this undesirable transformation with a newly-adopted raspy old-man scowl, usually emitted when one of us grabs him for Grecoing and which is unlike any utterance we have ever heard before. In fact, far from sounding like a living creature, it is more like a digital sound created by a tech nerd in a Star Wars t-shirt. Being an idiot about his food is also the kind of old-mannish, low-effort-yet-high-impact thing he would do to spite us, and I am sure he will think of more things between now and his birthday.

Here he is, warning us that things are about about to get serious:

Looking youthful. And wanting more food.

26 thoughts on “Le vieil homme et la bouffe

  1. My old cats eat whatever we have around. But you are dealing with a food no more available right ? Time t0 start random sampling one small can at a time ?

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    1. Yes, that’s right: the old food is discontinued so we have no choice. It’s dry food only for our mutual friend as he refuses to eat wet food, and we have a big bag of Thrive at the ready (but I have two other brands in my shopping basket and I’m ready to click “Confirm purchase” if it all goes wrong!

      If those two other brands are refused, I have no Plan C …


            1. Nooo! What a naughty boy! At least with the wounds you have proof, though. Catorze behaves impeccably when we have guests and they say “But he’s so cute! Maybe you’ve misremembered all the bad things.”

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  2. Jenny Cat and Tabbi Kat are both 11 this year. [i]gulp[/I]

    JC has definitely slowed down this year. TK has just got more annoying. She’s deploying the art of poking me in the back far more frequently.

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  3. Paws crossed that le roi accepts his new food! My guys are remarkably un-picky when it comes to kibble, but they do have a preference for the cheapest, unhealthiest fare. Human Daddy bought this for them at the beginning of lockdown out of necessity–the store was out of everything else. Now he buys it as a treat, always claiming that he made a mistake and meant to buy the good, healthy stuff.

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    1. I’m actually not snobby about cat food if the cat has no issues. If the cat can eat the cheap stuff with no repercussions, fine. Catorze, unfortunately, has issues galore. 🙀🙀🙀

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      1. Oh, I am a bit of a snob. My fur babies must eat healthily while I gorge my housebound self on donuts and chips. The Cats understand the irony and have taken to demanding double/triple/QUADRUPLE fistfuls of Temptations because who am I to judge?

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  4. Inca is on the urinary care…thankfully there are two brands. Both cats were put on it ( Inca had a stone in her bladder, Maya for prevention) Maya is the fussy one and occasionally needs a change! Easy until she started vomiting on a regular basis. Sometimes just clear fluids. So after eliminating various causes, the vet decided maybe the urinary care caused her gastritis. So now she’s on the gastro/intestinal diet. Only one type available and she’s always looking to sneak a munch at Incas food…..which causes her to start vomiting again…!
    It’s not easy being a at mum!

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  5. They each have their own special food…but I think Maya’s might not be good for Inca….it’s a drag! But there you go….better than having more surgery( poor Inca didn’t enjoy the experience)

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