Je vous fais savoir …

Louis Catorze is becoming very good at letting us know when he wants us to do something. And it’s only taken him seven years.

If he wants water, he is clever enough to go and sit by his glass. If we are elsewhere, he could very well be sitting there for hours before we realise that he’s there, which appears to be where his plan fails.

However, if we haven’t seen him in a while, one of us always goes to look for him and, when we find him sitting by his water, we fetch him a fresh glass. And he has grown to learn that that’s what we’re doing so he waits in his drinking spot, whereas previously he would follow us, screaming, presumably furious that we were stealing his water.

So, although it takes some time, in actual fact he succeeds in getting what he wants. Hopefully he’s not so stupid that he sits there when we’ve left the house, although I wouldn’t put it past him.

When he asks for more food – a new thing since the steroids because, prior to that, he didn’t care much for food – things are very different. Hungry Catorze will find me wherever I am (never Cat Daddy, always me) and sit and stare. Most cats scream for food, but I guess the issue there is that he screams so often, for so many reasons or for absolutely no reason whatsoever, that we would never succeed in narrowing down what he wanted.

The first time he sat and stared, we didn’t know what the problem was and we were terrified. Luckily, now that we have figured it out, I comply as soon as I can because I just want it to stop. Staring may seem comparatively inoffensive because it’s silent but, trust me, something about it bores deep into the soul and it’s creepy as hell.

Here are some examples of just how chilling it can be. Naturellement, when I put food into his bowl, he just sniffs it and walks away.

“Feed moi.”
“Feed moi.”
“Feed moi.”

26 thoughts on “Je vous fais savoir …

  1. Clancy had a big beer stein, well it was the ’70’s. He refused to drink from a bowl when everyone else was using a glass. A glass is just what superior creatures use; right? Being cats they are superior – QED – Catorze, and Clancy prefer glasses

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    1. Sounds like Catorze is in good company! We’ve tried various glasses over time and he’ll drink from a wine glass, a hi-ball tumbler and a pint glass, but not a cocktail glass. 🤣


  2. Jenny Cat will sit and stare at me from 9pm. It’s very creepy, but I know exactly what she wants, namely it’s bed time treats. How she knows that it is 9pm I have no idea.

    The creepiness isn’t quite on the Louis Catorze level, but still…

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    1. He is the devil himself. Nobody believes me when I tell them, but these photos certainly tell a story.


  3. That is one intense stare!! Luckily our gang don’t do stares. Harley prefers to drink from a dripping tap and will go to the sink and lick at the dry tap until one of us notices and turns it on for him. He can do that for quite a long time as we are not always psychically tuned in to his immediate needs….

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