Chat échaudé craint l’eau chaude

Our boiler has packed up. We’re not sure what’s gone wrong but our shower and taps run hot for two minutes, then cold for two minutes, then hot for two minutes, and so on. Not the end of the world compared to many people’s struggles right now but not especially helpful, either.

When Cat Daddy called the repair man, he agreed to come on two conditions:

1. Social distancing is to be maintained at all times throughout his visit (fine)

2. No pets (erm ….)

This is what Le Roi thinks of point 2.

Cat Daddy: “Oh dear. I’m afraid we have a cat.”

Repair man: “That’s ok. Most cats run away from me, so that won’t be a problem.”

Cat Daddy: “…”

Cat Daddy: “…”

Cat Daddy: “Yes, I’m sure ours will do the same.”

Me, to Cat Daddy, later that day: “Why did you say that? You know it’s a lie.”

Cat Daddy: “I didn’t have a choice. If I’d told the truth, the repair man would have refused to come.”

This is true. Merde.

If you have followed Le Blog for any length of time, you will be fully aware that Catorze’s record for leaving visiting tradespeople in peace is pretty atrocious. Take a look at the links at the bottom of the page if you don’t believe me.

Having lied to the repair man to trick him into coming into our house during a pandemic, we now have to figure out what the heck to do with Catorze whilst the work is being done. Shutting him in a room would be awful because of the screaming. But leaving him free to go on the rampage just doesn’t bear thinking about. Cat Daddy is sorely tempted to kick him out at The Front and hope he doesn’t go harassing neighbours or passers-by, or pulling off squirrels’ tails. Not ideal, by any means, but what else do we do?

Let’s hope that thoughts, prayers and copious amounts of neat vodka will get us through.

17 thoughts on “Chat échaudé craint l’eau chaude

  1. Oh dear – we can’t offer any advice on this score – most of our cats do disappear – out the door if the repair person leaves it open. Except for old Buckshot (RIP – but not from a repair person), who would come up quietly and head butt the work shoe.

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    1. I know, I found it strange and I’m going to get Cat Daddy to quiz him about why. I think either he’s allergic or he doesn’t like nuisance ones interfering with his work …


  2. We’ve just had three windows replaced…a job that should have taken a day…but for reasons of…..…..raining…(well it is the hurricane season after all)
    2. Unforeseen problems with the protection grills that were in the way…..(duh! This should have been blatantly obvious)
    3. Boss man leaving his worker to do all the grafting ( while he’s chatting up husband and trying to give him guitar lessons)

    …it took 4 days! And cost an extra 2000 pesos to what we originally were quoted! ( I wonder if it was the guitar lessons)
    In all that time….no escapes! So after all that….I’m counting myself lucky

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    1. That might be a good plan! Catorze doesn’t just supervise. He comments. And then he comments again. And again. AND AGAIN. He’s also been known to roll all over the workman’s shoes/bag/tools. 😳


    1. They’re really funny, aren’t they? It’s even funnier that they’re not visible in all photos, and then suddenly you get one photo which is BAM.

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