Black Cats Matter

Today is National Black Cat Day (U.K.). Of all the cat colours, black ones are the least likely to be adopted, apparently for the following reasons:

1. Black is regarded as a boring colour compared to tabbies, gingers and suchlike.

2. Black cats are apparently less photogenic than other cats.

3. People associate them with witchcraft, satanic worship and/or bad luck.

4. Black cats are psychopaths.

However, there is a small, subversive group of us that knows the truth: black cats are the coolest and the best.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t like other-coloured cats. Of course I do. However, although they are beautiful in person/cat, I’m not so keen on seeing their images on loads of STUFF. Cute kittens on wall hangings, lampshades and/or cushions are rather too much catness, even for me, and remind me of my grandma’s house. Whereas understated touches of black cat stuff around a house, especially if the cat looks demonic and evil, make me think, “Yes, these are my people.”

Whilst some fight for society to change its views on black cats, in some ways I want them to remain our little secret. I like to think of their so-called unpopularity as the universe’s way of ensuring that they end up in the right homes. So, if you know anyone who would never consider a black cat for the reasons given above, please don’t waste time and energy trying to convert them. They are doing black cats a favour by leaving them available for those of us who truly appreciate their creepy charm. Let those people have their other colours, if that’s what they want. All the more black cats for us!

And how delightful that, during my favourite season of the year, black catness is not just acceptable but positively encouraged. Unfortunately it’s also the time of year when cats go completely apeshit, with black ones being the worst of the lot, but I guess we can’t have it all.

What do you mean, “Black cats look evil”?
No, I still don’t see it.

33 thoughts on “Black Cats Matter

  1. I accidentally have four black horrors now. I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Well, I might but it’s tough now.) The newest, a stray I’ve been making friends with for two years, has his vampire teeth always out. Love it.

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      1. They really are. The latest edition is called Phantom. He was a ghost for 18 months. I heard him but never saw him. It became all the more accurate recently as he has a little white patch on his belly.

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  2. Several years ago, I went to my local SPA looking for a black cat. They didn’t have one and Colette didn’t care as she had already decided that this human was her ticket out of there. A few months later, I went to the other SPA in the area looking for a brother for her and finally my black cat. Alas, Simone thought differently and now she lives here as well. I’m afraid my black cat remains in my dreams. I’ve no doubt that Simone would welcome another feline into their house but Colette already thinks there is one too many… She doesn’t like cats, dogs, most people and I can only imagine what she had been through before coming here.
    Black cats are so regal, just as the Sun King. 😉

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      1. The smaller one, in size only, is Colette. She rules the house with razor sharp claws, needle like teeth and a stare that would terrify Stephen King. BTW, every day is International Felines Day and we have Madame Colette’s word on it.

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            1. Well, the thing about the Siamese voice is one either loves it or hates it. When I was born there were already two Siamese in the house but they did share the crib with me… Simone is very demanding when she wants something but not the wit to compete with Colette. Colette has a whisper of a meow but I hear her. She has me trained.

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            2. My sister had a baby this summer and her cat is not allowed in the crib because he can’t be trusted. Not because he’d harm the baby but because she thinks he’d drop a mouse on her face. 🤢

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  3. I’ve had two black cats and both were memorable. Jake, gone 5 years now, is renown in our family. There are more stories about him than any other cat. Lacey on the other hand was a cat that didn’t like other cats, people, the world, etc. I have scars to prove it yet she lived to be 18.

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    1. Haha! How are your gang doing in the run-up to Full Moon Hallowe’en and Mercury Retrograde? I’m talking about one member in particular …


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