Le repas du chien

When I started planning my blog posts for October, I decided that I’d like to write about my horror movie nights with Louis Catorze. This was supposed to be that very post. Sitting in the living room and watching horror movies together is something that we both find great fun. However, instead, it’s a post about this:


You’re welcome.

Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs: someone has broken into a store of dog food, brought some back here and dumped it on the outdoor sofa in our garden.

Now, my prime suspect was originally Foxy Loxy. I was so sure that I didn’t even consider any other culprits. However, as Cat Daddy has since pointed out, and having now thought about it, we have neither seen nor heard him/them for some time, plus I can’t imagine it being his/their style to leave food behind. Quite the opposite, in fact: foxes eat anything, and I could tell you toe-curling stories of vile, medical-waste-grade stuff that they’ve eaten from our bins over the years.

Catorze is an unlikely suspect but he should not be eliminated from our enquiries, as he is more than capable of pulling a stunt like this. That time that Cat Daddy found a desiccated, curly-haired rat in EXACTLY THIS SAME SPOT was startlingly similar: https://louiscatorze.com/2016/08/14/a-bon-chat-bon-rat/

Our initial thoughts were that someone in our neighbourhood must have an outdoor store of dog food, but then Sa Maj is more than adept at breaking into people’s houses using teleportation and/or his Cloak of Invisibility: That Neighbour has found him screaming on his landing at least once (that I know of), and our previous neighbour from W13 once thought she had mice but, when she investigated the scrabbling sound under her bed, she discovered that it was Catorze.

When I told the good folk of TW8 (via social media) to pay greater attention to their stores of dog food, the general consensus of those that know him was that Catorze could well have done this. I try to tell them that it can’t possibly be him because he doesn’t like food that much and he’s not well, but I wonder if I sound like some deluded fool who is just trying to convince myself.

Here is the little sod, not at his best health-wise but apparently well enough to break into other people’s property and steal a dog’s food just for fun:

“It wasn’t moi.”

8 thoughts on “Le repas du chien

  1. Oh! I almost broke a rib laughing at this post. Our Xenia used to chew into the bags of dog food when younger. now everything is stored in thick plastic. Now she just terrorizes the dog until he stands there watching her eat her full.

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  2. LOL @ the thought of Sa Maj incognito under the neighbors’ bed…As for the purloined bounty, how would it even fit in his mouth? I read those rolls are 720 – 800 g…Although a rat can be squeezed enough to be carried, those rolls are wrapped pretty tightly, and he’s a small cat.

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    1. He once managed to bring a massive rat not far off that weight, all the way up to our bedroom. 🤣🤣🤣 I must say it’s unlikely to be him. But we cannot rule him out 100%.


  3. We didn’t know LeRoi was unwell – or are you referring to his eye issue ? We sure hope it’s nothing more – but you know how cranky some people can get when they don’t feel well,

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