Le plus petit félin est un chef d’œuvre

Although mythical monsters aren’t really a Hallowe’en phenomenon, watching shows about them always helps me to get into the Hallowe’en mood (not that I usually require any help in this area). The episode that Louis Catorze and I watched the other day was about a kind of part-buffalo, part-dinosaur creature called a hodag, said to haunt the town of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and one man claimed to have had evidence of this beast recorded on his phone (quoted word for word):

“However, my cats decided to use my phone as a kick-ball and they shattered it beyond belief, but I did see it [the beast]. It is real. And I’d only had one cocktail.”

Now, under most circumstances I would be cynical of anyone who had “lost” important evidence that could have potentially changed the world. However, I want to give this almost-sober gentleman the benefit of the doubt because I know better than anyone what utter bastards cats can be, and ruining science forever is exactly the sort of thing they would do. I am sure that there are plenty of cancer cures, immortality elixirs and time travel tinctures that naughty cats have knocked off laboratory worktops and lost.

No doubt there is a good reason why Sa Maj ended up being our cat. Granted, things are bad now, but I dread to think what state the world would be in had he been, say, Leonardo da Vinci’s cat, or Marie Curie’s cat.

Here is the little sod doing his best impression of innocent and kittenish, but you can’t escape the evil in his eyes. Ask not whether he be ready for Hallowe’en; ask whether Hallowe’en be ready for him.

“La potion magique for world peace? Oui: I ate it and puked it up.”

16 thoughts on “Le plus petit félin est un chef d’œuvre

    1. Haha, someone has to love him, I guess. 🤣🤣🤣 He’s manic at the moment, constantly screaming at Cat Daddy, constantly out.

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  1. Isn’t England known for reports of mysteriously large black cats roaming the countryside ? Not to be confused with “the black shuck” – the canine harbinger of death.

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  2. Je suis si migñon que personne ne m’accuserait des actes desastreuses: Sa Majs’ defense. Love the elongated ear…tuning in to the Mothership?

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    1. Hahaha, I hadn’t noticed the tail looking like an ear! There ain’t nothin’ mignon about him, though. Trust me. It’s all fake.


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