L’écureuil a été reconnu non coupable

I returned home from Halloweekend-by-the-sea on Sunday afternoon and, apart from Cat Daddy accidentally double-pilling Louis Catorze on Friday (and then wondering why he was so bouncy and show-offy during the Zoom call with his pub mates), the weekend passed sans incident in TW8.

Yesterday I took Catorze to the vet. Unusually, there was total silence from the patient on the walk over to the surgery. Then, when we arrived at the door, he shifted to demonic possession mode: thrashing around inside his transportation pod, Exorcist-style growling, the works.

This time I was allowed into the waiting room (avec masque, of course). But, regretfully, this meant enduring the embarrassment of looking them in the face and telling them that my cat might have been punched in the face by a squirrel AND that I’d given him drugs without prior authorisation. And I can now confirm that the common belief that a face mask conceals smiles/laughter is very much a myth.

Anyway, it seems that his allergy is the more likely culprit than squirrel rage, and that we were right to pill him. We have to continue for the next five days, and, after that, reduce to every other day for ten days and add an eye ointment. Not DROPS, which fall conveniently where you want them to and spread effortlessly across the whole eye, but OINTMENT, which comes in a squeezy tube and has to be smeared on/in. It defies all science (thick creams simply cannot go into eyes) and all common sense (nobody in their right mind would stick their finger into the eye of a screaming, writhing, clawed animal with the strength of ten angry bears), but we are in what they call an Option-Free Zone. Cat Daddy and I might have to do Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who ends up with that torturous task.

The secondary post-vet news is that Catorze now tips the scales at 3.8kg, his heaviest to date, yet it’s still within his healthy range so nothing to worry about.

Cat Daddy: “[Unrepeatable, fat-shaming expletives]”

This photo, taken last Wednesday, was what prompted our vet appointment, but Sa Maj is starting to look a little better now:

Sore little sod. But still loving life.

10 thoughts on “L’écureuil a été reconnu non coupable

  1. I feel your prospective pain from trying to medicate an uncooperative feline. The Gray Menace used to leave long tracks up and down my arms…and then lick his claws. Get heavily padded, long mittens?

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  2. Eye ointment? I had to do eye drops with my new cat Gus 5 times a day. That was hard enough because his timing was perfect. He somehow was able to close his eye just as the drop was coming off the dropper. Ointment? My condolences!

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    1. I have a feeling he’s had ointment before. Mind you, there isn’t a medication in existence that he HASN’T had before. And it wasn’t fun then.

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  3. Yes – ointment is definitely more difficult to administer than drops. But at least the extra meds did no harm…except to wind him up exponentially. Glad you all survived your Hollow-Weekend.

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  4. Those ointments are nasty. They blur vision, too. I don’t blame him for fighting the dose. I used petroleum jelly/Vaseline to remove makeup one time, and I got some in my eye. It didn’t hurt, but it was not pleasant.

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