La Journée Internationale du Chat Noir

Today, 17th August, is Black Cat Appreciation Day.

I know. Cats don’t quite have enough days in the year which are all about them, so what a splendid idea to make more.

Anyway, the Special Day Makers of this world are way ahead of us. We missed Hug Your Cat Day on 4th June and International Cat Day on 8th August, but we can still look forward to Feral Cat Day on 16th October, erm … Cat Herders’ Day (?) on 15th December, and – I promise I’m not making this up – Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day on 22nd January.

Now, before we start answering any of Louis Catorze’s questions, I think he owes us some answers. This is what I would like to know:

1. “Why do you always do the opposite of whatever people expect (or want)?”

2. “How do you teleport from The Back to The Front and back again?”

3. “What was it that made you so ill and, apart from the copious amounts of drugs, what made you better again?”

4. “Where did you find that enormous curly-haired rat?” (In case you missed that delightful tale, here it is. And I have one friend – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE – who still remains very upset with me, all these years later, because I didn’t photograph the rat:

Me, to Cat Daddy: “What questions would you ask Louis, if you could?”

Cat Daddy, without looking up from his laptop: “Why are you such a [expletive]?”

[Silence, tumbleweed, crickets]

I assume that that was his question to Catorze, and not something he was saying to me.

Here is Catorze, pondering his answers to our questions (apart from that last one). This is exactly the same face that my students give me in their speaking tests, when they’re about to say, “Répétez la question”:

“Je ne comprends pas.” All lies. He understands perfectly well.

15 thoughts on “La Journée Internationale du Chat Noir


    (I didn’t originally intend to yell but that pic has got me all squeely so I think I’ll leave it in caps. Sorry?)

    Also, I now want to do a Q&A/AMA for my cat on my blog. But I have no idea what questions people would actually want the answers for. I mean, obvious answers to obvious questions aside (what’s your favourite food? chicken).

    I would also like to know how they teleport, though, but I don’t think we’ll ever be privy to that answer. Cats have to have their secrets, you know.

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          1. I’m so sorry. I do believe you would enjoy it. It is from a site that focuses on animal rescue and it is black cats jumping over a tiny house on top of a stack of books.
            The site is The Dodoo. I do hope you get to see it. Even his majesty might be amused. Below, I tried copying the address again. Some of my friends could open it while others could not and I did test it out on myself first?

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  2. Sa Maj: ” I refuse to answer without my attorney present. As far as what made me so ill, my enemies attempted to dethrone me. I healed by killing their leader, the curly haired rat and leaving his body as a warning to his minions.”

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