La nuit de folie

A few nights ago, after I went to bed, I was kept awake by screaming, thumping, clattering up and down the stairs, all sorts. The next morning, when I found Catorze’s toy mouse on a string on the landing with the stick part broken, I had to ask Cat Daddy what the heck had gone on.

It turned out that Boys’ Club had taken a bit of a manic turn, with Louis Catorze leaping around all wild-eyed and psycho, so Cat Daddy had tried to expend some of his excess energy by playing with him. But Le Roi had played with such ferocity that he’d managed to break the stick. Then he’d grabbed the remaining part of the toy from Cat Daddy’s hand and raced up and down the stairs with it, clattering it against the bannisters as he went.

And, yes, I do mean exactly like in those old prison movies, when the inmates pick up stuff and rattle it against their cell bars.

Now, whilst the sight of a tiny black cat doing this would have been the funniest thing ever, I didn’t really want it when I was trying to get to sleep. Plus it’s bloody weird behaviour.

Incidentally, I checked the moon phase at the time of this incident, and it was waning. Which means the little sod has no excuse whatsoever.

Unfortunately I didn’t catch any evidence on video, and this will probably be one of my deepest life regrets, but here is the broken toy. I guess it’s Catorze’s word against ours.

The defendant’s DNA is all over the weapon found at the crime scene.

10 thoughts on “La nuit de folie

  1. Just tape the stick back together- unless you feel safer with a shorter stick.
    In my general reading of many cat blogs, I don;t think his behavior is all that unusual. It doesn’t seem that way to YOU, but it is. “If everybody hung their troubles on the line, you’d still pick out your own.”

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    1. True: at least he’s not toileting in the house, traumatised by the local wildlife and so on. All things considered I think I can probably live with the occasional psycho outburst. (It’s not occasional, though, is it? 🤣)


  2. With all due respect to the Club members, are you certain that His Majesty acted alone? You have mentioned on occasion that 1) Cat Daddy enjoys an adult beverage during Boys’ Club and 2) Sa Maj is a mere whisp of a feline. I say further investigation is needed in order to determine the true circumstances leading up to this highly suspicious “manic turn”. I also hope that M. Souris has a good attorney, as he clearly has a case. 😸

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    1. Oh, I am sure Cat Daddy was an accomplice, no doubt about that. If there was souris involvement, they appear to have absconded from the crime scene leaving no trace. 😱


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