Crier pour un soupir

Merci à Dieu et à tous ses anges: our cleaning lady is back. And I am more relieved than I ever thought possible because, although I like it when places and things are clean, I hate cleaning.

Nevertheless Cat Daddy and I had been getting used to our routine of putting on some cleaning music* and just blitzing the place, and he maintains that “you feel so much better after you’ve done it”. This is true. However, people only ever say that about unpleasant things. A dental appointment, a trip to the gym, pilling your cat … don’t we all feel better after we’ve done them, mainly because we then have the longest possible wait until the next time? So, given the choice between feeling better for having done it and not having to do it at all, I’m sorry but there’s no contest.

*Last week it was the Manic Street Preachers. Thank you for asking.

That said, we didn’t want our cleaning lady to think we’d let things slide in her absence, so naturellement we had to have one Final Clean a couple of days before she came. Yes, we have become THOSE people. But we are glad we did it, because it also reassured us that Louis Catorze hadn’t hidden any rats anywhere. After all, we didn’t want a repeat of THIS incident:

During our Final Clean, it dawned on me just how much mess Catorze makes. The cruddy cat hair that came from his feeding station, and from sweeping the kitchen floor, was quite unbelievable, and I don’t think we will ever make sense of the smallest one of us generating the most muck. And, to make matters worse, Catorze doesn’t like it when we clean. He’s not afraid, just annoyed at the inconvenience of it all – yes, even though he doesn’t have to lift a paw, and even though it’s mainly his shite that we’re cleaning. Far from appreciating our efforts, he sits and screams throughout it all, then sniffs at his freshly-cleaned feeding station and walks away as if we have sullied it with our filth.

Oh well. At least his cleaning-surliness will be someone else’s problem now. And he can still go and get high on the bleach afterwards if he wants to cheer himself up.

Here is a video that I took back in April, showing his reaction to Cat Daddy vacuuming in the next room. As you can see, there is no fear. Just eye-rolling contempt.

“Fermez le noise!”

10 thoughts on “Crier pour un soupir

  1. Reading your poor cleaning lady’s story of discovering Le Roi’s dead rat in your bedroom and him then attacking her feet from behind had me in tears of laughter. Very sorry for her ordeal but full points to Le Roi for comic timing 🤣🤣🤣

    Amazed that she ever returned

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  2. Of course Sa Maj sullies his palace the most; his constant in & out affords him the opportunity to gift you with all manner of allergens & dirt, along with the occasional unwilling visitor or “gift”. 😳Shame that his subjects don’t appreciate it….😹

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  3. We gave up our cleaning lady about a year ago and split it between my husband and me. He does the vacuuming. We were (and continue to be) astounded at how much cat hair there is. He had to empty the canister a couple of times and it’s mostly cat hair. I get we could weave a carpet!

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    1. The cat hair is unbelievable. It’s not visible during normal daily activity but, the minute you get sweeping or vacuuming, it’s everywhere! The broom is DISGUSTING by the time I’ve finished sweeping the kitchen floor.

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        1. I think the same of Catorze! He is a terrible moulter. If I brushed him daily for a year I would yield 2kg of fur per day, yet he would still keep churning out fur.

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  4. So glad your cleaning lady returned. We have never been able to afford a cleaning lady and are too far gone now. Catorze is probably planning his next comedic bit. (Who was the actress who played the foil in all the Marx Bros. movies – ah – Margaret DuMont. Thank you Google.)
    The “video” seems to be only audio, but I could well imagine the feline eye rolls.

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    1. I can definitely see video when I click on it. So sorry you can’t! And I hope he’s not planning a darned thing.


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