Sous la chaleur du soleil

It is unbelievably, painfully, brain-vaporisingly hot. And Louis Catorze wants lap cuddles.

But, when he settles on me, it makes him/us even hotter. So he meows disdainfully as if it were all my fault and steps off.

But then he wants lap cuddles again. So he steps onto me and settles down once more. As before, this makes him/us too hot, so he meows disdainfully as if it were all my fault and steps off again.

The little sod has invented possibly the most annoying perpetual motion machine on earth: himself. And it will keep motoring along until one or other of us snaps and loses our shit.

My money is on me being first.

🎵 The heat is on. On my lap … 🎶

11 thoughts on “Sous la chaleur du soleil

  1. Oh wow ! One of my sweetest cats – The Buzz-Man – does the same thing. When I’m working on the
    laptop, which partially blocks the fan aimed at us. Sometimes he walks across the keyboard and/or joggles the modem. The internet has been particularly touchy this week, so this is an added bonus. But he is such a sweet cat I find myself holding my temper and swearing at my ISP. At any rate the ISP deserves it.

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  2. Perhaps something like a cooling towel would help? I haven’t purchased from this company & don’t know if they ship to UK but their products look enticing & I’m certain other companies might have similar offerings. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! He deffo needs something because, when he’s not heating up my lap, he’s heading for the hottest room in the house to nap. 😱


  3. My husband had a cat who was not happy unless she was in someone’s lap in the hot weather. The best part was that when she finally got up, your legs had been sweating so badly that they were covered in fur. (Even that sounds better than the constant up and down)

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    1. I don’t know how they can bear the heat. Catorze can always be relied upon to find the hottest place there is. I swear if I put the oven on during a heatwave, he would climb in.


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