Le plus grand voleur de notre temps

And, in a flash, the age-old mystery of why the living room television never works first thing in the morning has been solved.

For months and months Cat Daddy blamed our cleaning lady. Then, when we entered quarantine and she stopped coming, he started to blame me for “forgetting how to switch it on” (nonsense) and “not pressing the correct buttons on the remote control” (no idea what this even means).

The true perpetrator has just been caught in the act during his Morning Psycho Time, messing about with the wires. And, yes, that is a coven of witches on the television, who are most likely encouraging their little comrade in his dastardly dark arts.

I don’t know why we are even the slightest bit surprised. About the real reason for the non-functioning television, about the witches, about any of this.

Le chat des sorcières.

21 thoughts on “Le plus grand voleur de notre temps

  1. The Sun King has great wisdom.
    “I find television very educational. Everytime someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book.” – Groucho Marx

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    1. Ha! Maybe he was trying to tell us that we should have our minds on higher things. Or maybe he was just being an idiot. 🤣

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  2. My cat Morgan can activate my computer screen and engage Alexa or Siri or whoever is in there. I heard voices in the office one day and no one was home but me. I walked in to hear the computer asking Morgan how she could help. Never a good thing. We could have ended up with a truckload of cat treats.

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  3. Mine favor waiting til I am comfortable ensconced – with my bad knees propped up . t=They then put themselves in front of the cable box so no signal can possibly penetrate.

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  4. Lol– we keep blaming “gnomes” when things are misplaced or there are strange occurrences in the house. I think we’ve been missing the obvious culprits this whole time. We owe the gnome community an apology…

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