L’étagère du Roi Soleil

Because Louis Catorze has been spending an awful lot of time here (see below) lately, I wondered if perhaps we should build him a little viewing shelf on the wall.

According to Jackson Galaxy (in case you don’t know, he’s an expert cat freak who magically makes naughty ones behave) cats are either deep burrowers or they prefer elevated viewing points and, conversely, as Sa Maj gets older, he appears to be showing signs of preferring the latter.

And, whilst most owners of 10-year-old cats probably wouldn’t be looking to create cat apparatus requiring high energy leaps, Catorze – as we all know – isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I had planned to ask Paul from down the road to create the shelf and, in the event of Catorze getting too old and knackered to jump up there, we could either turn it into a random shelf for books or plants, or just lift him up there ourselves.


Anyway, my plans were all set to take shape once we can be sure it’s safe for Paul from down the road to come into the house. (According to the government it’s safe provided he’s doing work, which almost certainly means it isn’t safe at all.) However, I had forgotten to take into account one thing: Catorze’s contrariness and his penchant for always doing the opposite of whatever is expected or wanted. And it was my friend Lizzi who said, “You know, don’t you, that, if you make that shelf, he will never use it?”

C’est vrai.

So our shelf plans have been, erm, shelved, and Catorze is going to have to content himself with sitting atop the shutters and surveying his royaume from there. I think he is quite happy with this.

Cat Daddy: “You’ve actually written a whole blog post about deciding to put up a shelf, then deciding not to put up a shelf? Could there BE a more pointless post?”

If you gave me a bit more time, probably, yes.

Lofty perch.

26 thoughts on “L’étagère du Roi Soleil

    1. Which way did you think it would go? I’m thinking :

      1. Catorze refusing to use shelf
      2. Priceless antique placed on it
      3. Catorze then using shelf
      4. Cat Daddy kicking Catorze out
      5. Catorze moving in with Paul from down the road

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    1. So, for him to use a special shelf, you’d have to also … sit on it yourself? 🤣 He sounds like a magnificent cat.


    1. Yes, I think that’s the trick. Let them think it’s free, or insignificant, or the outer casing that would have been discarded anyway. 🙄


  1. I envision Catorze, in his dotage, insisting on being carried about his kingdom on a litter, Egyptian style. 🏅 Cat Daddy, his Viceroy, ensures any attempts to dethrone Sa Maj are quelled when Catorze goes on missions to visit his pilgrims. Cat Maman resides in luxury thanks to generous gifts from world diplomats. 🐈

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    1. Hahaha! That’s pretty much as it is, except that the pilgrims come here! And the only gifts I receive are mice and rats. 🤢


  2. Time spent with cats is never wasted. (I can’t remember who said that. Besides me, just now.)

    Surely, then, time spent making decisions about cats is also never wasted?

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