Le plastique n’est pas fantastique

Cat Daddy and I have found it difficult to stick to our green routine during lockdown, for the following reasons:

1. Due to lack of availability, we have, at times, had to choose between food wrapped in plastic or no food at all.

2. We haven’t been able to get to the post office to send our plastic film to our friend who makes the speakers, nor our empty crisp packets to the lovely volunteers who magically transform them into donations to their local air ambulance. So we have had to bin some of it, as we don’t have the space to let it pile up.

3. Ocado are no longer taking back their carrier bags for recycling.

4. Sometimes we I have stuffed up and ordered the wrong thing online by accident.

Cat Daddy was very cross with me the other day when what I thought would be recyclable aluminium cans of John West Tuna in olive oil, ordered on Ocado, turned out to be plastic pots of John West tuna in olive oil. These are a new invention because, apparently, when people put a half-eaten can of tuna in the fridge, they don’t like the whole fridge smelling of tuna (and, apparently, decanting into a sealable container is too arduous and/or complicated). So the new pots come with a resealable lid to keep the tuna stench from tainting the fridge.

It’s somewhat annoying that both pot and lid are made of plastic, plus there is a peel-back film made of that weird plastic-foil hybrid stuff which isn’t recyclable anywhere on the planet. And it’s also annoying that the pots are smaller than the cans, so the chances are that most people would eat the lot and wouldn’t need to put any leftovers in the fridge. But what offended Cat Daddy about this purchase was that he had just written to John West to complain about the hideous ungreenness of their new plastic pots and I have now made a fool of him by buying that very product, even though it was a genuine mistake.

Anyway, in something of a departure from the norm, the only individual in our household maintaining their level of responsibility is Louis Catorze, who is still a loyal customer of Lily’s Kitchen in their compostable packaging (which, when empty, we use as food waste bags). And we sincerely hope that their acquisition by Nestlé will not lead to any changes in their packaging nor in their food formulations. I am half-tempted to shop around and change but Le Roi really, really likes Lily’s Kitchen Fabulous Fish.

Here is Catorze, looking smug beyond belief in the knowledge that he is the greenest person in Le Château. And he would like to remind any tuna-loving furry comrades to boycott John West until they do something about their stupid plastic pots.

Like an evil warlord planning his next strike.

12 thoughts on “Le plastique n’est pas fantastique

    1. I hope so, too. People talk about “life going back to normal” but there are things about that normality that I don’t want to see again.

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  1. A lot of “healthy” routines have gone by the way. We are not allowed to bring reusable bags into a store. Everything is covered up in plastic containers so no one can sneeze on them. I get it but we really need to find a way to decompose or disintegrate all this plastic stuff. The ocean is not the right place for it. Nor is burying it in landfills. Louis is looking very smug. He’s got attitude for sure.

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    1. Wow, we can still take in reusable bags! The amount of plastic waste created by the pandemic is truly epic and hugely depressing. It needs some good minds to work out a solution that isn’t politicised. And yes, that look is smug squared!!

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      1. I haven’t been into a shop since lockdown so I haven’t had to use, or not use, a bag. We’ve been very lucky that places deliver to us. But, in the meantime, the bags are piling up. Not sure what to do as I’ve heard rumours that, even after the pandemic, Ocado still won’t take them back. 😐

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  2. Over here, the stores are not allowing the use of reuseable cloth bags because of the contamination risk – so if it needs bagged, it’s plastic or paper.

    On a sad related note, the bloggers at “Purry Cute” lost two of their cats recently to foxes. I don’t know where they live, but I think it’s in the US. I apologize for being so amiss in feeling you didn’t have much to worry about. We have foxes, as well as coyotes – but the roaming dogs are more of risk around here. Purrayers for the safety of all !

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