Poil par poil, toute la barbe viendra

When quarantine began, I saw an internet meme (I hate that stupid word and am actually glad that my autocorrect changes it to the much more civilised “même”) that read, “We are three weeks away from knowing everyone’s true hair colour.”

It’s now MONTHS since we went anywhere near a hair salon, and somehow I have come off worse than Cat Daddy: my hair looks like a haystack, with highlights have faded to an ugly, brassy yellow, whereas he is rocking the Keir Starmer sweepover and is looking mighty fine.

My hair salon have been posting lots of videos and tips on social media, with their advice being, “Try to focus not on the colour, but on keeping your hair in good condition.” Erm, yeah, I think that ship has well and truly sunk, too.

Louie Catorze, on the other hand, looks better now than he did when lockdown started (which, frankly, isn’t difficult as he looked terrible before). His facial fur has now fully grown back, and he looks just like a normal black cat, except smaller and toothier.

His arm fur – which was shaved to inject the sedative for his biopsy – is taking a little longer to regrow, but we rather like the look of it. We refer to it as his tattoo sleeve and Cat Daddy pretends that it makes his boy look tough and thuggish, even though we both know that this couldn’t be further from the truth and that he’s actually a sweet little daddy’s boy who loves cuddles.

This picture of him was taken last month, and I love everything about it: the blue sky, his glossy fur and the glimpse of tattoo sleeve that hints at the obstacles that he has overcome (and, due to him having the attention span of a gnat, completely forgotten).

Très pleased with himself.

24 thoughts on “Poil par poil, toute la barbe viendra

  1. He looks like the cat who got the cream, he probably doesn’t like cream but hey ho lovely photo. I’m fairing about the same as you in the hair department……..I had the haircut from hell before lockdown and it’s grown into something indescribable that resembles horns! Xx

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  2. This post could be me on the animal front. Since lockdown my Shire horse has had his right front feather trimmed back because of a hoof abscess, and has had to have sunscreen rubbed on his nose because, after 29 1/2 years it has burned. Our sun is about as vicious as it is in the UK, so go figure! It is probably just as much a struggle to put sunscreen on seven lb cat’s ears as it is to rub in on the nose of a 1300 lb. equine.

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  3. He is the very portrait of royalty; Bastet would be proud! The look in his eyes, though, just begs for this to be used at Halloween 😹 As for human hair, mine resembles faded multicolor tumbleweeds 🙄

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