Je me lève et rien ne me démoralise

Good news: Louis Catorze is now completely off the steroids.

Bad news: this has made absolutely zero difference to the level of psycho in his body, which remains unchanged. One of my friends told me that it took a few days for the effects of the steroids to leave the system. Erm, yeah, I don’t think we can wait that long.

Today I caught Sa Maj attempting to jump onto the top of the picture to his right (our left, below). No, there is absolutely nowhere to land apart from the 2cm edge of the picture or perhaps the string of autumn leaf fairy lights. But, yes, he was about to try it anyway.

Cat Daddy: “That’s REALLY worrying. You know how it would have ended, don’t you?”

I do: with a ripped piece of art and/or mangled fairy lights, a furious Cat Daddy and a kicked royal arse.

Cat Daddy: “And you know he’s only going to try it again when we’re out of the house, don’t you?”

I do. So what a good thing we’re not really allowed out at the moment. (Or maybe we are. Nobody knows for sure.)

Here is the little sod – who, incidentally, is not allowed to jump on top of the speakers – planning his next attempt:

“Et alors?”

22 thoughts on “Je me lève et rien ne me démoralise

  1. I love this photo, and his majesty too. I can’t help thinking that the look he’s giving you is a realy a perfect display of Machiavellian laughter waiting patiently for the chance to assume his royal privilege and do exactly what you’ve described. Bonne Chance!

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  2. Congratulations on no more ‘roids,Catorze! 😺 Please stay away from that light string; if you get tangled in it you can choke 😨 That photo(?) is gorgeous…Maple trees? Did either of you take it?

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    1. Merci! The picture is a photo that’s been treated with a layer of silver leaf. Cat Daddy bought it from the artist during a business trip. 😊


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