Noir et blanc

It has been an especially sunny week here in TW8 so Louis Catorze is continuing to wear sunblock on his ears, much to Cat Daddy’s amusement. Sadly we have also had to deal with the usual Catorze contrariness, i.e. he dashes out into the sun before we have a chance to apply the block and, if we do manage to catch him and apply it, he comes straight back indoors and tries to roll it off onto our bed. But then we all knew something like that would happen.

A couple of things about cat sunblock:

Firstly, a little goes a long way. The first time I put it on Catorze, I applied far too much and he ended up with bright white ears. The second time I used about a tenth of the previous amount, but it was still too much and he ended up with bright white ears AGAIN. So, at this rate, I will only require about 0.001 drops per application, and therefore this tiny 30ml tube looks set to last at least 823 years. This makes it very good value indeed.

Secondly, a black cat with bright white ears is hilarious. It shouldn’t be, but it is. I’ve seen plenty of white cats with dark ears and somehow this isn’t funny, but a black cat with white ears is. Cat Daddy now wants to apply sunblock in tasteful/hilarious patterns onto other parts of Catorze’s body, just for fun, turning him into a live, screaming art installation. And I don’t think he’s joking.

As for what to paint, please let us know your feelings on the following designs:

1. Skunk stripes.

2. Snow leopard spots.

3. Skeleton bones.

4. “White Over Black” (a monochrome interpretation of Rothko’s “White Over Red” which will be very easy to do as it’s just a couple of rectangles).

5. Other (please specify).

Safe from the sun, but looking ridiculous.

27 thoughts on “Noir et blanc

  1. A stray cat showed up here the last week of January who, while technically a tuxedo, has a head and ears colored like Catorrze’s photo. It really is a little disconcerting.

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    1. No, I reckon it’s more manageable than some of the other designs! I don’t think he’d hold still for long enough for the skeleton bones. Not even one femur.


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