Journal d’une chatière (Partie 2)

Just after I posted to announce that Louis Catorze was free from Le Cône, the little sod decided to scratch his face again. We had waited a couple of days before making the announcement in case he scratched and made us look stupid for unCôning him, and of course during those days he behaved fine.

Luckily we have not had to reCône him, but the vet has advised us to increase his medication from one to two pills per day until he is healed. So the reduction in psycho behaviour, for which I had been hoping, looks unlikely to happen.

In other news, it turns out that Catorze has not forgotten how to use the cat flap. He just doesn’t want to use it. He has, after all, had us bitches open and close doors for him upon request for the last couple of months, so why wouldn’t we continue to do so, Cône or no Cône?

I don’t suppose this will be a surprise to anyone who knows him.

If he wants to come in/go out and we are not around (i.e. he has no choice), he will use the cat flap. However, if we are around, he will sit by he door and scream to be let in/out. And, if we ignore his screams, he will simply wait for us to comply.

We refuse point blank to do so because this is akin to negotiating with terrorists, so he is left waiting for a very long time indeed. But he doesn’t care. He would rather waste several hours waiting than exert himself for the few seconds required to open the cat flap himself.

Here he is, trying his luck on three separate occasions (and, yes, the last one is mid-scream). It’s a NON from us.

I said no.

11 thoughts on “Journal d’une chatière (Partie 2)

  1. He has the cattiest attitude I’ve ever seen. Our old cat Jake used a cat door to get in and out of the house. He always used it because according to him we were too slow. He said it with a look that implied we were deranged. Jake is gone and our cats don’t go out. The cat door locked and a sad reminder of Jake, our last indoor/outdoor cat. BTW Jake was also a black cat. I would call him to come in. I’d look all over the yard, under trees and bushes. He would be in a shadow in plain site watching me looking for him. Black cats are like that.

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  2. Lol My cats will burst through any unlatched door if it suits them, but if we’re in the room with them and they’re ready to leave, even if the door is already open a few inches, they sit and wait for us to open it fully for them.

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