31 jours plus tard

The U.K. has now been locked down for a whole calendar month (we think). And being in quarantine with Louis Catorze seems to be generating more blog material than ever, which was inevitable as I am now spending 23+ hours a day with the little sod instead of just evenings and weekends.

Whilst Le Blog has been a positive focus for me during this turbulent period, I feel guilty writing about my cat and generally getting along fine when, across the world, others are not doing fine.

That said, Cat Daddy and I are very grateful for our situation and try to demonstrate this by doing small things for people around us. And we are lucky enough to live in a street where others have the same attitude. We are all helping each other, checking on people, supporting the few local business/services that are able/allowed to stay open, and so on. And, every Friday at 11am, the residents of our street put food parcels on our doorsteps, and a lovely neighbour – helped by Cat Daddy last week – collects them and takes them to the local food bank. If it’s really true that these circumstances have made nice people nicer and nasty people nastier, it’s very important indeed to propagate that positivity.

People who didn’t experience this pandemic – or who are too little to remember later on – will, someday, ask what it was like. What did we do? How did we keep our spirits up? Were we negative and pessimistic or did we try to seek positives, however small, despite the difficulties?

Not only will I proudly declare that I did my best to follow the rules and was one of the good guys, but I shall refer people to Le Blog and tell them that my cat brought some relief into people’s lives. Although, admittedly, he did this by making them think, “It could be a worse; I could be locked down with him”.

Also: planning, writing and editing every entry, and taking accompanying photographs, made me STAY THE HELL AT HOME.

Here is Catorze, watching people outside and judging the ones who don’t appear to be members of the same family:

“Ça ne fait pas 2 mètres!”

7 thoughts on “31 jours plus tard

  1. I get this. i’m down in kent. sadly I a, one of the more at risk souls, so cant go help people, thought I do what I can via the internet etc. but I have 3 furkidz who go outside into a catio. I feel i’m doing my bit they aren’t ravaqging the neighbourhood and into peoples gardens etc. and are time consuming or should that be wasting? and my niece’s husband who lives in Southampton is busy utilising his business stuff making masks for the nhs and care homes in the area. he has a Window filming business, and he, along with I believe 10/12 other window filming businesses around the UK are all doing the same. not charging just making and giving. I am so proud of them! he is an nhs volunteer as well – so I bask in their light! i’m very grateful I have my home, moartgage free, a garden, and mypensions. I am indeed blessed. meanwhile Catorze has keep me smiling grimacing and aqtg times oohing and ahiin as well. take care of yourselves!!!

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  2. Your street sounds wonderful, what a great community spirit! Here is generally good too. I have volunteered for the local Step into Action group but not yet been needed. Although tbh have my hands full with hubby still in hospital – over the virus but unable to speak, sit up or swallow and he keeps pulling his feeding tube out. Lots of emailing and phone calls. Plus nursing Henry round the clock. Your blog is a breath of fresh air 🙂 xxxx

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    1. Thank you! And I am so glad that S is over the virus! I know there is still work to do but that is very good news. 😊


  3. Yes Le Blog has definitely brightened my days during lock down, and what a lovely thing to do for the food banks. Well done your community 😊

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    1. I’m so glad Catorze has made you smile! I guess he has to make SOMEONE smile. It’s certainly not us.


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