Je suis heureux, j’espère que vous l’êtes aussi

I have completed a whole fortnight of teaching from home and survived to tell the tale.

It was someone else’s cat – a lovely plushy ginge called Simba, belonging to one of my students – who brought my video lessons to a standstill by gatecrashing, meowing to the class and then settling on the desk to watch his small human work.

Louis Catorze, however, saved his star turn for my online staff meeting, climbing across the keyboard, screaming. Then, when I kicked him off, he ran riot with a noisy bell toy that he had hidden behind the sofa, most likely for this very purpose.

Apart from that, Catorze more or less left me alone and either slept through my work or annoyed the merde out of Cat Daddy instead of me. I later discovered that the sleepiness was because Cat Daddy has been wearing him out at extended Boys’ Club which starts at around 9pm and goes on long into the night/morning.

Being at home all day means I have been able to take a cheeky peek into the once-mysterious ways of Le Club, and I can report that Cat Daddy and Catorze have been enjoying lengthy late-night music sessions together. This is mostly old-school prog rock, but they’ve been going through a new wave phase recently. Sa Maj bounces up and down on his daddy’s knees to Elvis Costello’s “Welcome to the working week” in an ironic nod to the fact that neither of them know what one is, whilst I still slave away like a chump. That said, I am very much aware of how lucky I am to still have a job.

Cat Daddy recently announced – after a few too many sloe gins, I might add – that he wanted to create a cat-themed playlist for their music club. This is excellent news as it saves me doing the same job for Catorze’s birthday.

The songs that we already know are as follows:

1. Lovecats (The Cure)

2. Cool for Cats (Squeeze)

3. What’s New Pussycat (Tom Jones)

4. Stray Cat Strut (Stray Cats), although the bit about the lady cats, of course, doesn’t apply

5. Louie Louie (The Kingsmen)

6. Sun King (The Cult)

Six songs aren’t much of a playlist, but never fear: Cat Daddy and Catorze are on the case, and I am confident that the list will be complete by 30th April. And Cat Daddy has trained his boy so well that he sits happily in a room with loud, blasting music and doesn’t even blink (see photo below for proof), so they will probably work on the list together.

Me: “Does Louis prefer vinyl or streaming?” (It’s important to get this right for the party, after all, even though the party will end up being just the four* of us.)

[*Cat Daddy, me, Catorze and the mouse whom I know is still at large, even though I can’t prove it.]

Cat Daddy, firmly and without hesitation: “Streaming.”

Me: “You seem very sure about that.”

Cat Daddy: “Yes. Because vinyl means I have to get up and change the record, and that disturbs him.”

Of course.

Here is Catorze in his happy place. Would you believe, the little sod actually got up and moved closer to the speaker when David Bowie came on:

“Je n’ai jamais fait rien de bien …”

27 thoughts on “Je suis heureux, j’espère que vous l’êtes aussi

  1. Anything by the Pussycat Dolls? Charlie has a definite fondness for Justin Bieber too…not sure where she acquired that from! 😸

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        1. Catorze has quite a penchant for shock rock. On Hallowe’en night he sits right in front of a speaker with Marilyn Manson blasting out and doesn’t even blink. And, when the doorbell rings, we take him to meet the trick-or-treaters and they all marvel at the vampire kitty, then he takes his place next to the speaker again. 🧛‍♂️ 🎃

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          1. 😂😂 He sounds both unique and fabulous! Ting, my Siamese likes the Beatles but none of them have ever expressed an interest in shock rock!

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            1. “Unique and fabulous”. I can confirm that he is one of those two things. Ting is a most splendid name!


            2. Lol…her full name is Ting Tong Maccadangdang…really…after a character from “Little Britain.” I do enjoy our trips to the vet..

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            3. HAHAHA! I am so pleased – and thankful! Most of the time when I tell people her name I am met with a disbelieving stare! 😂

              Liked by 1 person

            4. No, I remember! In fact Cat Daddy, who founded a tea business before he retired, launched a tea called Tung Ting, and I told him everyone would laugh because it was too similar to Ting Tong!


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