Le courage fait des disciples

Not that I concern myself unduly with numbers – it’s all about quality rather than quantity for me – but it seems that the frequency of my recent postings has cost me a few followers.

To be honest, I get it. I appreciate that people don’t want to read quite so many posts, and that one can have too much of a good thing (although Cat Daddy would argue that Louis Catorze cannot, by any reasonable interpretation, be regarded as a “good thing”).

Believe me, it was never my intention to post almost every day. However, documenting each detail of Catorze’s condition and all the associated developments is a very useful record for me and, had I not done so, I think I would have struggled to remember what we’ve done and what we haven’t. There have been so many vet appointments, medications and tests that, after a point, they all blur into one.

If you are still here, thank you so much for bearing with us and for supporting us despite having greater priorities at the moment than a silly French vampire cat who won’t do as he’s told. Let’s hope that this wave of saddening news – both Catorze’s and those of the world in general – will soon pass.

“Merci à tous!”

29 thoughts on “Le courage fait des disciples

  1. I think the Internet’s just flooded with all the virus news … and also, everyone’s home and posting more frequently. Only a few lovely followers are still looking at my facebook cat page. Many hopes that Catorze will be well soon, and that everyone, everywhere, will stay safe.

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  2. Leave Catorze? Never!. Cut back from social media ? Posibly. I love more posts. I just hope his majesty heals soon. He is a much loved feline xxxx

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    1. Merci. He’s been doing everything in his power lately to stop himself from healing, but I hope that will change. 😐 How are you doing?


    1. Thank you! His fangs seem to be getting more prominent by the day. When he is in a naughty psycho mood they really stick out. 🧛‍♂️

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  3. I love catching up with your news. It almost always makes me smile (and thankful that my four just destroy furniture, demand attention and puke up their food). Keep on posting xxx

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  4. Don’t stop!!!!! I do hope the problems get resolved, obv, as it’s stressful for all of you, but he is such a character I’m sure you’d still find some antics with which to to regale us 🙂 Love to you all xxx

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  5. No, you are not posting too much. Catorze makes us smile. In weird times like this, readership will fluctuate as people are trying to get the latest news. They would do better (and stay healthier) to find more cat posts! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your kindness! The little sod doesn’t make me smile at times – in fact he makes me want to scream – but he is what he is. Hope you and your gang are all well!

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  6. In this photo he looks like Dracula with his vampurrs and high popped cape collar. 💖 Those of us who care for his regal self are still here and aren’t going anywhere if we can help it. Prayers for continued healing for Catorze and healthy and safety for you all. 🙏

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      1. I don’t get to stay home with them so I’m not making them crazy and they aren’t driving me nuts…..yet. Lol. Stay safe! And hug his majesty for us.

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