La chasse aux baies

Poor old Louis Catorze. Here he is, dutifully fixed to his post at the virginia creeper and utterly unaware that the tantalising sounds within are, in fact … falling berries.

Oui, mes amis: there are no birds, no mice and no bugs, nor has he discovered an opening to The Underworld. It’s just berries. Cat Daddy made this discovery during an alfresco session of Boys’ Club, and it perfectly explains not only why Catorze assigned himself to a spot too high for mice and too low for birds, but also why he hasn’t caught anything yet (not that we are complaining about this).

Anyway, he has spent most of the week still in the same place. No doubt he will be there today, tomorrow, the day after that, and the day after that. It would be tragic if it weren’t so utterly hilarious.

6 thoughts on “La chasse aux baies

  1. Oh my, what an anticlimax!! I was so hoping for some weird and mysterious creepy crawlies, but berries?!!! Louis cracks me up, love him! And he is competing with Zaphod for the dopiest cat the country… 😉

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    1. I feel bad seeing him sitting there, but what can I do? It’s not as if I can inform him. And even if I could, he would ignore me.

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    1. This is very true! Since discovering the berries – or, rather, NOT discovering the berries – his determination to escape at The Front has waned significantly. This is a Very Good Thing.

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