Le pouvoir du vampire

This week I asked some of my students whether they liked dogs or cats. They said cats. This is the correct answer.

The conversation then led to our own cats, past and present, including, of course, Louis Catorze, and at the end of the lesson I showed them a photo of him. They were utterly spellbound and speechless at the sight of his magnificent vampire fangs.

“Miss, he’s REALLY beautiful!” they exclaimed. “Can we see more pictures? Can we just look at cat pictures next lesson instead of doing work?” They will never know how much I wanted to say yes to this. French pluperfect tense grammar rules or cat photos? It’s a no-brainier, oui?

Anyway, the students now appear to be under the impression that people would pay a fortune for a black vampire cat, and they are devising a Dragons’ Den-worthy scheme to get rich by breeding Le Roi and having his hypothetical Reine birth lots of fanged babies. Cat Daddy spat his tea all over his newspaper when I told him this, and said, “Bad, bad idea. One: he has freakish physical and mental abnormalities that are best not passed on. Two: females aren’t his thing. Three: he has no balls and can’t reproduce anyway.”

Good points, well made. But, as the little sod’s big day approaches, I’m with my students on this one. I think that we have been blessed with a very special gift indeed, because who DOESN’T want a vampire cat at Hallowe’en? And it is my civic duty to share this gift with the world.

Cat Daddy again: “No. It’s really not.”

8 thoughts on “Le pouvoir du vampire

  1. Le Roi is the most adorable vampire kitty and your blogs always make me smile, especially when I’ve had a disturbed night due to our gang being absolute prats 🙂

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  2. I made the mistake of showing the kids I teach pictures of Pixie and Winston and even worse telling them how we had to superglue the cat’s wound together after he pulled out the stitches, they now use every opportunity to move me from English grammar to the cats.
    I am with the kids every time. Cats over work every time, especially with fangs!

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  3. Who cannot love a vampire cat.

    Lack of bollocks may not be a hindrance in producing further le Rois. I’m sure someone is working on cloning using stem cells.

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