Un médicament amer peut sauver la vie

Cat Daddy has been feeling a little sheepish and guilty for the last couple of days. This is not just because he didn’t believe me when I told him that Louis Catorze was bleeding, but also because he is now paranoid that he caused the injury through too-rough rough play.

Although this is highly unlikely, we have started to be a little more gentle with our poor boy. Unfortunately this is not mutual, as Catorze has been fighting like a rabid hell-hound every time I attempt to give him his eye ointment and, quite frankly, it’s a miracle that I haven’t accidentally stabbed him in the eye with the tube and made the injury worse. Being a cream rather than a watery liquid, it’s quite tricky to apply, even when one is not also holding down a writhing, screaming animal with the strength of 10 grizzly bears. If I don’t take off the lid in advance of the application it means I’m fumbling around trying to do it whilst also doing the Greco-Roman death-wrestle, but if I DO take off the lid in advance of the application, the little sod smells the ointment and does a runner. 

Day 1 was not very successful as I was on target with the eye ointment but it splurged all over Catorze’s face as well. There was also the added stress of it being a Broadline day, so I had a total of THREE Greco-Roman death-wrestles to deal with that day. Day 2 was, sadly, much like Day 1. And on Day 3 I tried to reduce the pressure on the tube by 90% but this appeared to reduce the splurge by only about 0.3%. When the little sod came to offer forgiveness cuddles later on, he took me by surprise by approaching with completely noiseless pitter-pattering, and, as he jumped onto my stomach with no warning, my scream of, “JEEESUS, Louis!” sent him scuttling off again, making me feel like an absolute monster.

Tomorrow is Day 5. This really, really cannot end soon enough. 


12 thoughts on “Un médicament amer peut sauver la vie

  1. I understand how difficult that must be. We have a cat, Floki, that is small but unbelievably strong. It is impossible to trim his nails so we have to bring him to the vet which is almost as difficult because getting him in his carrier is a nightmare.

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  2. That tube is mislabeled. It should not be eye drops, it should be squeezy tube cream splotches. Truth in advertising…or truth in presciption labeling.

    I do admire you though, my one time in trying to get a pill down Popper’s gullet, for her own benefit, was an epic failure.

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  3. It is horrible to have to give a cat medication, this I know from experience … Though, Latifah, my mum’s cat, eats her medication with a little wet food and seems to have no problem with it, but I guess she is an sweet exeption!

    Hang in, we all think of you and are right behind you!

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  4. That has to be hard. I don’t like creams or gels as my cats have learned out to fling them off, usually into my hair. Too bad they didn’t have more liquid drops! Would it work to put a small bit on a q-tip and use that to put it in? Hopefully it won’t be too much longer. Eyes usually heal fast.

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