Parce qu’il le vaut bien

Louis Catorze had his annual booster injections yesterday, and it was nothing short of wondrous to be able to have such a straightforward visit. Well, when I say “straightforward” I mean the treatment required, not the overall experience. Naturellement we had the usual screaming on the journey there and the usual brutal combat during the injection, although this time it was I who had the merde kicked out of me and not the vet. And, to quite literally add insult to injury, the little sod refused me cuddles but was happy to have them with the vet and with a delighted 7-year-old boy whom I invited into the examination room with us because he was desperate to see the black vampire kitty. (Cat Daddy later on: “Other people come into the examination room with you, JUST TO SEE HIM?”)

Health-wise everything was great: no pressing problems to discuss with the vet as Catorze’s eye is now fine, no having to pre-order the special vaccine which didn’t clash with his myriad of other treatments, no new medication to pay for, just turning up, having him weighed and injected, gritting my teeth through the kicking and screaming and then going home again. 

It’s been a tough road getting Catorze to this level of health but, despite being an ungrateful little sod, he is worth it, and you would understand if you were to see his heartbreaking “Before” photos. They are too upsetting to post here and, in fact, I have only ever shown them to 3 people: my friend in South Africa who runs a feline health forum, a lady in Malaysia whose cat had similar symptoms and, erm, a famous Asian celebrity to whom I sent them by accident because she happened to have the same name as the lady in Malaysia. But, trust me, the transformation is miraculous, and it’s hard to believe that he is the same cat.

Not long after our return, as I attended to the lacerations on my hand – who knew that a cat’s BACK feet could be such lethal slashing machines? – Catorze recovered from his anguish by rolling on the pavement at The Front, which dogs have used multiple times as les toilettes. Quelle joie. 


10 thoughts on “Parce qu’il le vaut bien

    1. I had no idea back claws were so nasty! I have always seen them as the stabilising instruments, holding the prey still whilst the front claws and the teeth did the nasty stuff. And poor little sod didn’t even mean to hurt me, but unfortunately I was the one holding him still during the injection and he kicked out when the needle went in …

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  1. So the visit to the vet was exemplary….except for your injuries of course! And don’t you wonder why it is everyone else dealing with the little sod gets the cuddles! I wish I could feel comfortable taking either of mine! So we live with the hope that nothing will ever happen to drive us to taking them….! They are indoor cats and very little could happen to them to make that vet visit necessary! We live in hope

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  2. This is such good news (apart from the lacerations). And yes, he is so worth it – he is one very special kitty who totally fell on his little sodding black paws when he found you two xxxx

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  3. Black cats can be deadly. I had a black lady cat (perhaps lady wouldn’t be a good descriptive because she wasn’t). At one of her vet visits while I was trying to soothe her she bit right through my finger giving me on helluva puncture wound. After that she was on her own. I also have scars from her back claws.

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