Le lit découvre tous les secrets

Louis Catorze has a Château full of comfortable beds at his disposal, with soft anti-allergy bedding and freshly-laundered duvet covers. So, naturellement, he chooses to sleep in … a grubby Hounslow Council plastics refuse sack, in the equally grubby Forbidden Greenhouse. You couldn’t make this up … and, to prove that I really haven’t, here he is, narrowing his eyes at me with no shame whatsoever: 


Could he BE any more low-brow and unbecoming of a Sun King? 

Cat Daddy: “If you gave him enough time, probably, yes.”

6 thoughts on “Le lit découvre tous les secrets

    1. Thing is, he’s the one who will be damné if something in the bag or the greenhouse sets him scratching his skin again. He hasn’t had a steroid shot for almost a year. What a silly sod. 🙄

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      1. It’s a good point, and could be worrisome. And is common for both human or beast to do things that are not good for our own good intentions and health. I hope he has forever passed that threshold and never returns to the need for steroids. xoxo

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