Lancer un pavé dans la mare

If you have never seen those “Photos taken seconds before disaster struck” picture gallery things, this interpretation should be self-explanatory:


I took this photo mainly because I never imagined Louis Catorze would take on an enormous beast of a wood pigeon the same size as him. And, in the unlikely event of him trying, I thought he would be far too slow to actually succeed. C’était faux: not long afterwards, despite le pigeon distancing itself by settling on a different part of the furniture, le petit voyou charged down the garden path and managed to get his paws to it.

Cat Daddy raced outside and grabbed a broom to try and separate the pair of them. He managed to poke le pigeon out of evil Catorze’s grasp, but the poor, traumatised bird flapped its way into a corner from where there was no escape … and Catorze, despite being thicker than a concrete milkshake, knew this, and circled like a hungry shark. I then had to go out to try and catch him but he refused to be caught, forever dancing tantalisingly out of my reach, but luckily this gave Cat Daddy enough time to trap le pigeon in a cardboard box and place it in the safety of the park opposite.

My best friend, who was over for lunch at the time, hooted with laughter at the whole spectacle. (She is a dog person, and this confirmed why.)

Cat Daddy and I may need to be more consistent in our approach to dealing with the little sod. Our mixed messages are probably WHY he’s such a little sod.

Me: “Bad kitty. That poor bird.”
Cat Daddy: “Call yourself a hunter? That was the most pathetic effort ever.”

8 thoughts on “Lancer un pavé dans la mare

  1. This reminds me of the time Pomme cornered a shrew in our downstairs room. We still have no idea how the shrew got there, but it was cornered and basically making such a lot of squealing noises that Pomme was nonplussed and sat, staring at it, thinking “What is this small and squealy thing?”
    This gave us enough time to cover said shrew with a large pyrex bowl, and to take it away to the nearest field. We still have no idea how it got into the house…nor if it was miffed to be relocated to somewhere that was quite a distance away, in shrew terms at least!

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  2. Oh Cat Daddy…I think Catorze showed some courage in permitting his instincts to follow the natural course against such a huge and monsterous avian beast. The denouement didn’t follow Tennyson’s In Memorium A.H.H. “…nature, red in tooth and claw…” but Le Roi’s attempt would have made his timeless ancestors almost proud.

    Perhaps Le Roi would enjoy watching the movie Cat People, the newer version featuring Natassja Kinski, with the CD. There’s an astounding scene with a black panther treating a zoo attendant with mortal disdain. (Then watch the original film noir black and white more subtle, but imaginative, version.)

    Vive Le Roi!

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