L’amitié perdue, l’amitié retrouvée

Last weekend, as Cat Daddy arrived home, a lady in the street stopped and said, “Excuse me: is this the home of Louis Catorze?”

You just couldn’t make this up, could you, Mesdames et Messieurs?

When Cat Daddy shamefacedly confirmed that she had the correct house, she introduced herself: “I’m Ginger Impinger’s mum.”

Actually, “Ginger Impinger’s NEW mum” would have been more accurate: after concerned reports emerged on a local forum of an increasingly thin and unkempt GI appearing at various houses in the neighbourhood, a rescue organisation trapped, chipped and snipped him and treated him for a few minor surface ailments. Sadly, whilst he was under house arrest at the rescue’s veterinary surgery, not a single poster went up locally regarding his whereabouts, indicating that the poor boy didn’t have any people (or, at least, none who cared enough), but the happy news is that he is now in a lovely new home.

The TW8 network of who-knows-whom is tighter than a gnat’s behind, so his new mamma and I have been able to find and message each other. And, because Le Blog documents virtually every one of her boy’s visits to Louis Catorze, she has been able to read all about their exploits together. The large area that he covered came as something of a surprise, but GI’s mamma was also comforted by the fact that, throughout his time on the run, he had a little playmate and a safe haven of sorts at Le Château.

She loved the name “Ginger Impinger”, too, and I think she may even have been half-tempted to keep it, were it not for the fact that, if a place is officially one’s home, strictly speaking one can’t impinge. The name she has chosen for him is Dosti – “friend” in Hindi – which is highly appropriate as he was such a good buddy to Catorze, coming to collect him for little jaunts together, dropping him safely home afterwards and generally showing us all that an unneutered (as he was then) male isn’t always the ubiquitous bullying troublemaker.

The meaning of “Dosti” has a bittersweet tinge when I think that Louis Catorze will be losing his only friend; now that he has a permanent home he is not going to be visiting us anymore and, if he does, I am to let his mamma know immediately because, understandably, she doesn’t want him wandering that far. But we have now gained a new friend in his mamma and, most importantly, dear little Dosti finally has the family he deserves. Here is the lucky boy, relaxing in his new place:

10 thoughts on “L’amitié perdue, l’amitié retrouvée

    1. I don’t think so, because Dosti would have to cross a busy road to get here & his mamma doesn’t want that!


  1. Hi!

    Here is a picture of Louis Catorze in Bocas del Toro in Panama. He has made it successfully from Mexico, travelling through all the countries of Central America along the way. It’s been a great trip with lots of beaches, wildlife, volcanoes and other adventures! I’ve really enjoyed reading the blog and happy to see that Louis is doing so well 😊 I look forward to hearing more about his shenanigans! Hope his good progress continues and that all is well with yourselves too.

    All the best,



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    1. Hello Kristin!

      Great to hear from you! I can’t seem to view the photo although I will try again from the laptop later. Delighted to hear that le petit sod has been a good travelling companion!

      Are you blogging about your travels? We would love to hear more about your adventures!



      1. Ah I sent it as an attachment so that might be why (I thought I was sending an email rather than posting a comment), never mind! I’m afraid I haven’t been doing a travel blog but that would have been a good idea, will let you know if I set one up! Please give my best to Louis!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments! Louis Catorze, Dosti and all their exploits certainly give me plenty of material!


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