Le locataire du Château

Cat Daddy and I have a guest staying with us at Le Château. Now, for most cats, a big deal such as a new housemate would need to be brokered with expert skill and precision; however, because this is Louis Catorze, and because our guest is male, we had a feeling everything would work out fine.

Mind you, I wasn’t prepared for Louis Catorze to love Houseguest Matt more than he loves me, nor for Houseguest Matt to be quite so smug about it.

This is how things have gone so far:

– Seconds after Houseguest Matt’s arrival: Catorze runs to welcome him
– Day 1: snuggly selfies on Houseguest Matt’s bed
– Day 6: Catorze steps over my lap to get to Houseguest Matt’s
– Day 7: Catorze starts sleeping on Houseguest Matt’s bed at night instead of ours [although Houseguest Matt has just read this over my shoulder and he informs me that, in actual fact, this began on Day 3]
– Day 11: The pair of them invent their own meowy language that only they understand
– Day 14: Houseguest Matt and I do that thing where you sit at opposite ends of the room and both call the cat’s name at the same time … and it doesn’t go well for me

I feel partly responsible for this as I should have stomped down on it after Day 1. But I was too laissez-faire, and now it’s probably too late.

And, far from feeling bad about stealing our cat, Houseguest Matt finds it hilarious. His standard response is: “He’s MY cat now! Mwahahahaha!”

The upside of all the treachery, of course, is the fact that we could do a lot worse than a guest who dotes on the little sod and looks after him better than we do; it certainly beats those who are neutral (as a couple have been) and those who take one look at him and run away, screaming (yup, this has happened, too). Le Roi has no idea how much he’s lucked out with Houseguest Matt … but, fortunately, we do.


10 thoughts on “Le locataire du Château

    1. It was suggested that the tail-biting could be due to the new slave, despite the fact that Le Roi loves him. Could this be true? Could “nervy behaviour due to a change in circumstances” even apply to a positive change?

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        1. My money is on either him mistaking the white bony tail tip for a bug, or him losing his marbles. A combination of the two is also très possible.

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  1. So now you have two little stinkers? One mercurial feline sod and another who mocks the disaffection to la dame de la maison from said sod?

    I’m sorry Nem…wish I could give you a hug and tell you it’s ok because you’re a very good girl. xo

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  2. I love the image, btw. Can I say that I think the photography of le sod continues to get better and better? I showed the pic to little Popper, and she was entranced! Staring and staring, moving her head around like a bobble doll. He’s a compelling little twit…

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  3. Le Roi is merely seducing your unsuspecting guest. Catorze knows which side his baguette is buttered on and is indulging in a petite “liaison dangereuse”. His brazen flaunting of it, however, must not go unpunished. Removal of dirt water bucket, perhaps?

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    1. Oh, Houseguest Matt isn’t unsuspecting. He knows exactly what is going on & is encouraging it. 😳


  4. In that case I highly recommend a good cattorney; it is evident that you have a strong case for “alienation of affection”. Such brazen flaunting of cette petite affaire mutuelle merits no less…😏

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