Le Jour de Dracula

Today is Dracula Day, which celebrates the anniversary of the publication of Bram Stoker’s iconic novel. I loved it when I read it years ago, and it remains my favourite book of all time.

Louis Catorze was perfectly placed for an Official Dracula Day Portrait – sitting beneath our Count Dracula decoration – when Cat Daddy tried to encourage him to scream, in an effort to capture the famous fangs. What better way to mark such an auspicious occasion? But the little sod wasn’t playing ball. Even with his mouth open, his jowls concealed the fangs.

(We have noticed that his jowls are less pert than they were when he was younger. In fact, one has sagged lower than the other, sometimes giving the optical illusion of just one fang.)


What are the chances of a black vampire cat, sitting next to a Dracula decoration, opening his mouth and NOT showing his fangs? Only Catorze could be so nonsensical.

Happy Dracula Day to you all. We will be cracking open the Prince of Darkness gin to celebrate.

No fangs.
Still no fangs.

11 thoughts on “Le Jour de Dracula

  1. Cat Maman: Catorze, look terrifying! Catorze: 1st pic – What nonsense are you up to now, woman? 2nd pic -Je suis Godzilla! 3rd pic- Maybe if I sing she’ll go away. Papa!

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