Toute chose a une fin, sauf le saucisson qui en a deux

Every now and again, Catorze does something to demonstrate that he can behave himself for a short while. That black mass on the left, on the sofa, is him napping in the living room. And that plate on top of the blue blanket contains sausages which are defrosting in the sun.

Now, with most normal cats, it simply wouldn’t be possible to leave the cat and the sausages in such close proximity. However, this is not the case here at Le Château. Not only can we trust Catorze to leave the sausages alone but, in the event of flies attempting to land on them, we can trust him to catch the flies AND to alert us to their presence with his bird-chatter noise. (Yes, he does the bird-chatter at FLIES. Yes, we know it’s weird.)

No doubt he will be back to his usual self (hunting, screaming, generally being a shite) by the time I finish writing this. So, please, just humour me on this one and allow me these precious few moments of believing that my boy is a good boy.

Guardian of the sausages.

20 thoughts on “Toute chose a une fin, sauf le saucisson qui en a deux

  1. Of course he’s a good boy! I still don’t understand why you keep criticising this sweet boy… Please keep in mind I’m wearing my Magneto helmet while writhing this comment… 😉

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