Pas prêt à manger

As it’s now properly spring AND the Easter holidays have started, I have just had a good old clear-out of Louis Catorze’s cupboard. It’s supposed to be bad form to enter the new season still weighed down by needless tat that isn’t serving a purpose – and, knowing Cat Daddy, when he reads this post, he will make some comment about a certain 3kg weight that he wishes we could shed.

Once again, the cat cupboard clear-out was like disposing of the belongings of a deceased drug dealer before auctioning off their flat; there were pills, powders, capsules, syringes and suspicious herbs galore. However, there were also cat treats of which our mutual friend had sampled maybe one or two pieces before deciding that it was a firm NON.

Evil Catorze.

We can’t abide food waste, especially in these unpleasant times. We go to great lengths to avoid throwing away food, including cutting the mouldy bits off food before eating the good bits, reheating leftovers multiple times (which we know you’re not really supposed to do), and so on. We cannot fathom the world of an individual who gets to take one bite and then reject – or, worse, take multiple bites and pretend to like it, wait until we buy 9,004 packs of the thing and THEN reject.

And we pathetic humans are enabling this behaviour.

If you are visiting Le Château, much as we appreciate it when guests bring treats for Catorze, please may we request no more. He loves visitors, so all you have to do to make him happy is turn up. If you are a man, or if you can bring one with you, tant mieux.

Do not feed Le Roi.

12 thoughts on “Pas prêt à manger

  1. Is there a shelter near you that you could donate unopened supplies to? One of my vets will take some stuff and give to a shelter. I have also returned medicines that they can give to someone whose cat needs the same meds but they may be strapped for cash.
    Catorze looks quite formidable amid the grape hyacinths.

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  2. I went through my cat medicine chest this week (yes I have one) and found medicines from 2 years ago. Are they still good? The vet would say no but….my cats don’t get the same ailment until the drugs are very outdated! As for treats, nope, nope, nope. I have one kind and only 3 will eat them. I made a cat food donation a month ago with the foods that my group decided were no longer tasty (after I bought a case!).

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      1. So far, pupils who live in the French speaking part of the country and those who live in its Dutch speaking part have been on leave for the same periods.
        It is a first for our small country.

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  3. I have a cupboard that is full of different types of food and treats either rejected by Merlot or he has had a negative reaction to. Last year it meant that I had plenty of dog food for our Ukraine collection where I live. Now Merlot had just had his last fangs out it means I’ve had to do a lot of trial and error whilst suffering covid very badly! So homemade dog friendly cottage pie with a bit of chicken soup spread over it was a good option. We graduated to half a portion of cottage pie and his normal wet food mashed up together, this was a good option. Then the downfall was he refused to eat anything unless it was dripping from my fingers (yuck). He has a range of bowls, as Catorze does, I tried every one, no, he would not eat, if a bit of food fell on the settee (yes, we have to eat on the sofa together) he then licks it up like he’s half starved. So then I put his dried food in a bag and used my rolling pin to crush the hard food. I put some in a bowl, again he practically baulked at the thought! So in exasperation I got one of my lovely tea plates and put the crushed dried food on it and very grumpily dumped it on the settee in front of Merlot and I struggled back to the kitchen to find cold and flu tablets to try and ease the pain in my face, nose, head and ears. I heard a little crunch… Yes he was eating actual dried food like it was the first food he’d been given in 2 days. He never eats dried food as if he likes it, and when he picks at it it has to have some grated cheese sprinkles on it! So I wondered if the bowls were a bit daunting for him. He then spent 2 days eating anything I put on teaplate!! This of course isn’t a very clean and tidy way of eating, bits of dried food slide off, bits of wet food get flicked everywhere and he ends up with wet food all round the sides of his mouth! Anyway I have now started putting his dried food into a coffee grinder, that I bought for Merlot, and then I’ve made a porridge with hot water and mixed some in with his wet food with a sprinkling of very low fat raw minced beef over it and this has gone down a treat. Obviously he can’t continue having raw because I shouldn’t have beef, so I will cook it and portion it ice cube size and freeze it, so each day I can thaw a couple a day (I have a very bad liking for rare steak, like I say I shouldn’t eat meat at all, but I’m sorry to say when I open the pack of top quality minced beef I gobble down several mouthfuls of the raw meat, I know I’m gross, I’ve done it for years and I suffer less problems than if it was cooked but I know I should not do this which is another reason why it has to be cooked and frozen to keep it safe for Merlot!!). Anyway, I now have his old bowl with broken pieces of dried food on the mat on the settee, plus a plate of dried food and a plate of his ground dried food and wet food on the mat on the settee… So now the cupboard will end up with a lot of bowls in it just in case as his front gums heal he might go back to using his favourite bowls 🤞… Did I mention in all this I’m very unwell and no one is attending to my needs, let alone clearing up behind me as I have dog food dust all over my work surface, I’ve used my glass chopping board and best sharp knife to delicately cut up slivers of dog treat so he doesn’t choke on it, the cheese grater because I had to entice him to eat with some bits of cheddar oh and I actually had some cheese on a salad but couldn’t taste it… Oh and some pieces of Rich Tea biscuits for dunking in my tea to get him to come our from his hidey place so I can take him outside!! There’s probably more, I don’t have a dishwasher, I’m exhausted ill and am afraid of walking in my kitchen!!

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      1. I can’t survive without them! I do prefer tesco own to mcvitie’s. If I have any other type of biscuits I just eat the lot, I have better control with Rich Tea but even then sometimes I really get a taste for them!! They were the least messy biscuits when I was feeding my babies, so my babies didn’t end up smothered in chocolate!

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