L’as de pique

The Samhain demons have delivered me a belated gift: Covid! Yes, again!

As was the case the first time I had Covid, there were signs that this wasn’t just normal winter unwellness: Louis Catorze was all over me for the few days prior to my eventual positive test. Not only did he approach me of his own accord for cuddles, but he clung onto me with his claws, wailing pathetically, when I tried to displace him. However, as a result of the utterly dreadful symptoms, I have been off sick from work, which is entirely the opposite of what the little sod wants. Since the virus led to me spending more time at home, he’s back to his “normal” self.

Catorze doesn’t like sick people, especially when they sneeze. By this I don’t mean he is scared of sneezes but, rather, in disbelief that anyone would dare to assault his eardrums with such an offensive sound. On a couple of occasions he has tentatively settled onto my lap, only to depart when the sneeze came. And, as he left, he threw me a glowering stare and what could only be described as a wicked-witch scowl.

I have since seen him leave his papa’s lap in exactly the same way when Cat Daddy sneezed.* And this time he came to me.

*Oh yes: Cat Daddy is now experiencing symptoms, too. We have had to cancel a multitude of events – for most of which we had spent money on tickets – as a result. This is not great.

Cat Daddy hasn’t tested positive yet, but it’s only a matter of time. During the torturous wait for his telltale purple lines we are playing a kind of twisted game of tennis, with one of us sneezing, propelling scowly Catorze to the other person’s lap, only for them to sneeze and return him.

It can’t be any coincidence that the tennis term “deuce” is used to refer to both the devil, and to, erm, merde. Catorze is both. He knows it. And he doesn’t care.

This is the look we get when we sneeze.

31 thoughts on “L’as de pique

  1. Oh no, sorry to read this news. I got my 3th booster shot a few weeks ago. Up to now, I never caught the virus… Get better soon! Have a great weekend, my friends!

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      1. Yes, it’s really amazing! Almost every one I know, friends and family, were infected this year… Maybe it’s all about the chocolate and espresso’s… 🙂

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  2. I am sorry that Halloween delivered you a trick…Sa Maj has some nerve to feel so offended, for someone who puts his mouth on unspeakable things 🤢 Sending you healing vibes & love from across the pond 🌻

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    1. Merci! It’s ironic that he’s the sickliest of the lot of us, so he does have some nerve for being offended at a mere sneeze!


      1. He’d have to keep you or CatDaddy alive. Unless he’s miraculously developed opposable thumbs and an independent income.

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      2. The Vibrational Purr Therapy (VPT) from the Cat MDs is just lovely, although I have mixed feelings about the Claw-Based Acupuncture. The Doggoes are wonderful heating pads and the Drippy Nose Licking Procedure (DNLP) is tickly but possibly curative, as they claim.

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  3. Are you feeling better now?
    I sneeze randomly at the best of times, so our lot have mostly got used to it. But Hendrix takes a flying leap off my lap as soon as he hears the inbreath!

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    1. I am a little better now, thank you, although still not back to normal. It’s been pretty horrid this time around. The coughing and sneezing are lessening, though!

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