Qu’ils mangent du gâteau (Partie 2)

Yesterday it was my birthday. I don’t usually have a birthday cake – the last one I had was ten years ago, and the one before that was probably as a child – but I wanted one this year. And, since I can’t bake, I decided to have one made for me.

You’d think this would be easy and that, in these difficult times, bakers would be more than happy for my business, non? Well … NON. One of the three local bakers whom I approached replied promptly and told me that she no longer made bespoke cakes (fair enough), another promised to contact me with costs but then didn’t despite me politely following up, and the third just didn’t reply at all. I messaged her on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, she read both messages (ah yes, the magic of modern technology and read receipts) but still didn’t reply.

Merci à Dieu, then, for Cat Daddy. He has never baked, nor has he decorated a cake, in his life. But, when he saw my predicament, he stepped in to be my dashing knight. And this magnificent masterpiece was the result of his efforts:

Saint Jésus et tous ses anges.

It may be 70% sugar and 30% food colouring, but it’s the best thing in the world. Bravo to Cat Daddy for stepping out of his comfort zone to save the day, and to my sister and nieces for making the fondant features. The cake tasted as good as it looked, and the only costs to us were the ingredients, the constant questions and Unrepeatable Expletives as Cat Daddy prepared it, and black tongues for several days.

Louis Catorze had plenty of attention over the weekend and is now recovering on his papa’s lap after all the over-stimulation. After all, he needs to conserve some mischief for the rest of the month.

Don’t overdo it! There’s still almost half of the party month left to go.
Take it easy, little sod.

27 thoughts on “Qu’ils mangent du gâteau (Partie 2)

    1. Thank you! And, yes, I was very lucky. I got double cake, too, because Family Next Door came over with home-made cake yesterday, too!

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  1. Happy Birthday, my dear cat-friend! Every birthday needs a cake. I’m always going for a chocolate cake, of course. Hope you enjoyed the weekend! No doubt about it, Louis had a great time…

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    1. Thank you! Sa Maj was a little flustered by one particular kid who couldn’t resist chasing him and screaming, but he’ll get over it! He does like kids, but isn’t so keen on the chasing and screaming …

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      1. Jimi doesn’t like kids at all, probably because kids are always chasing and screaming… He hates it when my friends visit me and bring their kids along…

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  2. Wow what a wonderful cake! I’ve made many masterpieces since my first child would react very badly to the dreaded artificial E numbers and I have had high praise and a few hilarious mishaps, like the time I made a cake for my son in law, transported it 159 miles and carefully picked the proper plastic sturdy cake carrier from the rear floor of the car only to find the rear car heater had softened the wonderfully decorated icing and it had completely slid off creating a tasty moat around the naked cake, not only that but the buttercream filling had also slid out and mingled somewhere in the middle of the melted icing!! I just took it indoors straight to the kitchen and scooped some of the icing moat between the layers, then spread the rest over the top of the cake. It turned out to be the best tasting cake with the most perfectly marbled icing on the top, which I’ve never been able to create again!! As a cake maker I have to tell you that unrepeatable expletives are part of the process, so Cat Daddy was following the recipe, without expletives and stress you can’t achieve the perfect lightness of a sponge, sometimes hot air definitely has its uses 👌

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      1. Unfortunately not because my son in law didn’t like his birthdays and thankfully my daughter has remarried since then but this time no birthday cake making for him because he doesn’t like cake!! Whoever heard of such a thing, he only likes cheesecake and although I can make those I’m too lazy and it’s much cheaper to buy than to make! I only took photos of the cakes I made that had a special theme, and I don’t even know where I’ve put the photos unfortunately, if I ever come across them I’ll show you. I hope you had a very happy birthday and enjoyed your 2nd cake too…. I love cake, can never have too much of it 🎂😂🥮🧁🍰🍩🥂

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  3. Happy Birthday!🥳 What a nice husband. That cake looks yummy in kind of a delightfully goofy Catorzian way 😅 And @ Penny Cooper: love your story; a couple of my best dishes are the result of near misses as well.

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    1. Thank you! And, yes, Cat Daddy did a great job, didn’t he? I can confirm that the black food dye worked its way out of all the kids yesterday. 😬

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