La limace (Partie 2)

Oh. Mon. Dieu. There is a huge orange slug on our garden path, all mangled and mashed with its innards leaking out. And Louis Catorze has licked it.

We have no idea how it came to be in such a state. Cat Daddy accused me of stepping on it, but I know I didn’t: the soles of my shoes are free from slug juice and, more importantly, there’s no way I would fail to see a huge orange slug. His shoes are also dry (Cat Daddy’s, I mean, not the slug’s). And, curiously, there are no juicy footprints leading away from the oozing corpse. But we can be certain that Catorze licked it. I saw him with my own eyes.

Yes, we have Googled “Is slug juice toxic to cats?” And, yes, we now wish we hadn’t. The worst thing is that we can’t trust Catorze not to do it again, since he has previous when it comes to undesirable encounters with slugs and a general propensity for doing exactly the opposite of what we want.

Meanwhile, the little sod is happily pitter-pattering around, appearing to be perfectly well. If he’s about to drop dead from slug juice poisoning, he doesn’t know (or care).

We know where that tongue has been.

22 thoughts on “La limace (Partie 2)

  1. Where can we read parte une of La Limace ?

    Being a French kitty he probably thinks it needs melted butter to become escargot.

    Toads can be poisonous. Do you have toads ? We have lots of slugs but the cats seem to show no interest in them (maybe because they are not French?)

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  2. I literally work next door to a place called Lizard Juice. It’s a vape store that sells some kind of drinks too. I have never gone inside and don’t want to. I’m afraid one of their drinks might be slug juice.

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  3. I just googled it myself out of curiosity and… the results are, like, diametrically opposed. The first one says it’s pretty much fine unless the slug is infested with parasites, but then the very next one says it can be fatal. 🤨 (To be fair, I didn’t actually click on any of the links because my curiosity has limits, so maybe there’s nuance in the details, but still.)

    You probably are, but I’d contact your vet and check just in case because, while I don’t mean to scare you and cats may well be different, I did read about a guy (in Australia, I think) who ate a slug (presumably raw) for a dare and wound up with brain damage from the parasites that ultimately killed him. You may not notice any brain damage in His Maj xD and it seems like he survived his last encounter with having a slug in his mouth (to carry it to your pillow) but I’d still be texting the vet for advice anyway. 😬

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    1. I think he’s pretty safe from brain damage 🤣🤣🤣 but honestly, he’s fine. Absolutely no difference whatsoever. Still eating, drinking, going out and annoying the merde out of us. I’d only be concerned if he were a bit subdued.


  4. I’m sure we know who squished it, even without the evidence.

    I can without a shadow of a doubt say that standing on a slug is most unpleasant especially when slug innards squish up between the toes.

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    1. It didn’t look squished enough to have been stood on by a human. My initial thought was that a bird picked it up and then dropped it from a height. But you can’t put anything past Catorze. He probably annoyed the bird which made it drop the slug.


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