Les banderoles royales

I am very disappointed to report that my alternative “God save the king” royal bunting didn’t work out.

Alas, despite paying a premium for express delivery so that it would make Le Château the talk of the street during the jubilee, it didn’t arrive on time. When it did arrive, three days late, we weren’t home (because, obviously, we hadn’t planned for it to arrive on that day) and so we had to make the perilous, Dariénesque journey to the sorting office in Hounslow to collect it.

When we collected it, Catorze’s face looked like this:

What the hell?

And, when they reworked it and – eventually, three weeks later, after some quite odd emails from them which read as if written by a semi-literate bot – sent me a digital proof to approve, it looked like this:


Is it THAT difficult for someone to centre a picture? Well, ok, obviously it is.

At that point I told them not to bother, so I asked for a full refund, and they happily obliged. Yes, happily. They seemed quite chipper about the fact that they’d given me shambolic service and a shambolic product.

It’s such a shame as it would have been perfect not only for the jubilee but also for today, which is the birthday of the human Louis XIV. But, luckily, the little sod wouldn’t know whether or not we put up bunting and, if he did, he wouldn’t care.

This was what I originally had in mind when I started my search for jubilee bunting:

Hilariously, in the run-up to the jubilee these were all sold out.

And somehow I feel that, even at the height of their naughtiness, the Sex Pistols (younger followers: ask your grandparents’ cooler friends) would have been less troublesome than Le Roi.

Typical noblesse, sitting on their thrones and living a life of luxury whilst we peasants languish.

10 thoughts on “Les banderoles royales

  1. I discovered that you can buy custom Vans and you can upload your own photo. Obviously all 5,794 photos of the cats on my phone looked rubbish. The only way would be to take a purposeful photo just for the occasion. I ordered ones with flamingos.

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    1. That’s hilarious! Cat Daddy has some Vans so I know he already likes them. Maybe custom Catorzian ones should be his next gift?

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  2. Putting up bunting starring Louis was a great idea. I can understand you are disappointed.
    Now, the main thing is you got your money back, isn’t it?
    By the way, can you explain what the word Dariénesque means? Thanks in advance.

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    1. The Darién Gap is a place between North and South America, full of swampland and dense forest. It’s notoriously perilous to cross.

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