Ce sont des temps mystérieux

I have been watching a series on Prime Video called Still A Mystery. Some of the crimes featured are genuine mysteries, as in, nobody has the slightest idea of who is responsible. However, others are not mysteries at all. Quite the opposite, in fact; it’s blindingly obvious who did it, but somehow justice is not served due to a useless police force and/or the culprit just being a slippery little shite.

We have such a non-mystery on our hands at the moment.

Someone has bumped one of the solar-powered bulbs on Cat Daddy’s light show, and now it’s not working. He is not impressed, and the Unrepeatable Expletives have been flowing from his mouth like lava from Vesuvius. Neither he nor I saw it happen (the bulb, I mean, not Vesuvius). But the fact that this wonky bulb happens to be directly on Louis Catorze’s ICB route, cannot be a coincidence.

One of these bulbs is not like the others.

It’s Catorze. He’s knocked it with his silly arse on his way to Twiggy the greyhound’s place. And, whilst Cat Daddy knows that this is fixable, he would far rather NOT replace a broken bulb than replace a broken bulb.

Cat Daddy did once manage to capture this piece of evidence during alfresco Boys’ Club. Circumstantial evidence … or beyond reasonable doubt?

Bastard cat.

24 thoughts on “Ce sont des temps mystérieux

  1. Louis only wants that you both are safe at night. He’s just responsible for detecting, investigating, and arresting any person who violates your privacy…

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    1. He would be an excellent guard cat against animal intruders … but utterly useless against human ones, since he would try to snuggle them. Even masked men armed with sawn-off shotguns.

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  2. There’s such a thing in (U.S.) in law as “attractive nuisance” that can make the peron in charge of said nuisance liable. This is why anyone with half a brain puts a chain-link fence around their back yard pool.

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  3. Poor defenceless kitty, I will send one of our JAG lawyers to prove his innocence, and you’ll have to pay not only his legal fees but also a lot in compensation for psychological damages due to being wrongly accused!

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