Un club qui ne m’accepte pas pour membre

Louis Catorze had an absolute blast on Thursday night. Not only does he enjoy the company of gentlemen, but he actually seems FEED on it, in the same way that, erm, a demonic entity is made more powerful if you fear it. He spent much of the evening sitting on the back of the sofa listening to the conversation, only leaving once or twice to attempt to escape out at The Front. And, when that failed, he went back to the boys.

And it seems that the boy-love is continuing because, when I took a cup of tea to Cat Daddy in the morning, I walked into this:

Belly rub and a bit of fang.

Cat Daddy, with his eyes fixed on his boy and without even looking at me: “Just leave the tea and go.”

I ignored him and sat on the bed anyway. Catorze glared at me, mwahhed perniciously and then left the room.

This is the harsh reality of Boys’ Club, Mesdames et Messieurs. Or, rather, just Mesdames.

Messieurs, as you were.

16 thoughts on “Un club qui ne m’accepte pas pour membre

  1. Louis and Cat Daddy seems to be very, very good friends… I remember Mr. Bowie preferred female visitors in my house but Jimi also prefers male friends…

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    1. It’s funny how they’re different, isn’t it? With Sa Maj it’s not just a preference, though. It’s almost like an addiction. Boys are his drug. 😬

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    1. I’m sorry to say that she probably just tolerates you. They’re all like that. Le Roi is proof of this as he climbs off my lap to get onto Cat Daddy’s when he sits down.


        1. But accurate. Sorry. They already think we’re pathetic. Let’s not compound the indignity by kidding ourselves that they love us!


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