Le jus de ronronnement

Most cats dribble a bit, but Louis Catorze does it a lot. This is mostly because his mouth cannot fully close on account of his protruding vampire teeth, leaving a permanent escape route for his spit.

Since the spit is at its most plentiful when Catorze is purring, Cat Daddy has coined a rather delightful nickname for it: purr-juice. I love it. Somehow calling it by that name makes it seem less revolting and almost, dare I say it, endearing.

Photographing the purr-juice is quite difficult as you have to be quick with the camera, but Cat Daddy managed it. On this occasion Catorze had joined him on the weekly Zoom call with his boozy pub mates and was purring like crazy, overwhelmed by the heavenly chorus of male voices:

Blame it on his juice, baby.

Before anyone starts to panic, this is NOT drooling due to heatstroke – in fact, this photo was taken before the heatwave – and there is nothing wrong with his teeth. (Cat Daddy: “I should f***ing well hope not, after a grand’s worth of dental work.”)

This is pure Catorzian happiness. And there’s more where that came from.

11 thoughts on “Le jus de ronronnement

  1. Miss Penny does the same, in fact, it’s the only way I know she’s purring because I don’t hear her purr, except if I put my ear against her belly. Sometimes I see little drops of spit on the side of her mouth and I’m like “oh, she’s happy, let’s keep doing whatever I was doing” and then she drools everywhere 😆 It’s very cute. Louis’ picture is pretty impressive, too!

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  2. A couple of mine who have had extensive dental work (in one case, no teeth left at all) do this. We are glad to see Catorze showing some evidence of normal felinity !

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