Le petit déjeuner au lit

Three days after our friends’ visit, Louis Catorze’s dandruff miraculously vanished. His fur is now glossy and beautiful, without a single pesky white flake in sight. Although I cannot prove it, I know he has done this on purpose.

My friend Lizzi: “I told you he’d do this! But he’s pulled it off even sooner than I thought.”

Whatever. You’re not helping.

In other, equally odd news, it seems Catorze is enjoying his Orijen so much that he’s been bringing it up to bed. Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs. When changing the sheets the other day, I found this underneath the covers, at the pillow end:

Right. I see.

I was actually relieved to discover that it was Orijen and not some other heinous substance. But how did it get there?

Theory 1: It was caught on Catorze’s paw. But how did it stick? How did it not fall off on the way upstairs?

Theory 2: It was caught on my clothing. Again, how did it stick?

Theory 3: Catorze brought it in his mouth to save for later. Frankly this is the weirdest idea of them all, as it takes far more effort to bring one piece all the way upstairs than to just eat it from his bowl, but I wouldn’t put it past him. After all, this is the same individual who thought to drop a slug onto my pillow in the middle of the night.

Are there other treasures being squirrelled away in there? (And do I want to know what they are?)

Une chasse de trésor.

24 thoughts on “Le petit déjeuner au lit

  1. A slug ?- A garden slug, or like a fake coin you might stick in a parking meter ?
    He probably put it under your pillow in the hope that – like a missing tooth – the Orijen fairy would bring him $$ = to the cost of that food,

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    1. I didn’t even know about the coin version! That’s called a slug? Sadly I did mean the animal. 🤢


  2. Who knows? The piece of dry food could also have travelled in Louis’s mouth which is no longer the same because of the dental surgery he had some months ago.

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      1. The piece of dry food could have been ejected in the bed while Louis was washing himself and Louis wasn’t aware of it. Otherwise, he would have eaten it, wouldn’t he?

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        1. The piece of dry food could have been stuck in Louis’s teeth.
          In this case, he didn’t necessarily have to regurgitate it to be rid of it. A mere toothpick was enough.
          Bon appétit, les amis.

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    1. Babahahahahaha! Oh my word! Was it from your bin or from some random bin? (The latter would be funnier but both are hilarious.)

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