Un trou dans le noir

Just as I was starting to think Louis Catorze didn’t have QUITE enough things wrong with him, the little sod decided to develop this inexplicable bald patch:

What on earth …?

For a while I ignored it, thinking perhaps I just hadn’t beaten the oatmeal out of him properly. But he is fastidiously clean, and there is no way he would have intentionally left crud on his person. Many cats have bald patches as a result of stress over-grooming but, despite the little sod’s numerous problems, he has never really done this kind of thing. Apart from, erm, that time in 2016-2017 when he had feline hyperesthesia and he chewed his tail to pieces.

My theories are as follows:

1. He caught himself on a sticking-out twig.

2. He was a little over-zealous in grooming off whatever crud he’d rolled in (plant sap, snail juice, fox poo, take your pick).

3. A parakeet finally had enough of his nonsense, flew down and pecked him. (Not content with fighting the pigeons and the squirrels, Cat Daddy has now also declared a fatwa on the parakeets and Catorze is valiantly and loyally fighting his papa’s corner.)

I had planned to ask the vet about the bald patch when we went for Catorze’s steroid shot but, because the little sod had been doing so well health-wise, we haven’t been yet. But now I guess we don’t have any choice.

So the agenda for our appointment is as follows:

1. Steroid shot.

2. Collect Broadline.

3. Mats.

4. Bald patch.

No doubt there will be more items by the time the appointment takes place. And I have started building myself a fort to hide from the deluge of Unrepeatable Expletives. (From Cat Daddy, I mean, not from the vet.)

Awaiting the next set of instructions from The Mothership.

16 thoughts on “Un trou dans le noir

  1. It could be a bit of an itch from an allergy or an insect bite. (Or even the heat) Of course he is nonchalant about it, right ? Leaving you to worry enough for both…

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  2. That trouble named « alopecia » can happen to human beings too. Years ago, it happened to a pupil of mine who was only sixteen. Fortunately for her, it didn’t last.

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    1. He’s had all sorts of skin problems over the years. I really hope it’s not starting to spread to his body, but he’s going to the vet next week to be on the safe side.

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          1. I can picture the scene… I had to take Mr. Bowie every month to the vet so many years. And at least one surgery each year… There was no money to buy a Fender guitar… 😉

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  3. Funny how your list looks a lot like my list–for myself, next time I go to the doctor! Old age sucks, and the lists get longer and longer every time, for our fur babies and for ourselves.

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    1. Yes, I also have doctor lists! And I am fast becoming one of those old people who needs to set alarms for various pills. 😬


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