Le brouillard

Cat Daddy, Louis Catorze and I recently had one of our legendary vodka and horror movie nights. (We like Swedish vodka. And, when we went to Iceland, thanks to a very generous bartender who gave us a reduced-price sample, we discovered the pure joy that is Icelandic vodka. This is our new favourite and, amazingly, it’s available on Ocado.)

Cat Daddy doesn’t like modern horror films and tends to favour the old classics, so we went for John Carpenter’s The Fog. If you haven’t seen it, and without giving too much away, it’s all about a spooky fog that envelops the land on the anniversary of a tragic event, bringing all sorts of nasties with it.

Part of the story involves the town’s priest reading from his ancestor’s creepy old diary which documents said tragic event. And Cat Daddy and I couldn’t help but shriek with fear when we saw this entry:

Oh. Mon. Dieu.

Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs: this is the date detailed on Catorze’s paperwork as his birthday.

All this time we have celebrated this day, year after year, believing it unlikely to be his actual birthday but going along with it as we didn’t have a viable alternative. However, the fact that it’s Beltane Eve, the second spookiest day in the calendar after Hallowe’en, made us wonder if there may be some truth in it. And, now that we have seen this – especially that last line – not only do we think he almost certainly WAS born on this day, but we would bet Le Château on him having been born between midnight and 1am.

We were scared before. We’re absolutely petrified now.

“Caller, the screams are coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE.”

32 thoughts on “Le brouillard

      1. True. I expect Louis will make use of the 6-hour time difference to Beltane us after he has Beltaned you. Darth Vader is usually more focused on Halloween, but, upon reading your blog, he’s feeling the pressure to come up with something creepy for the 30th. So, merci for that..

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  1. Oh dear – he does look like he plans to take advantage of this. Might as well take the stakes out of the Tarragon and sacrifice it in the hope it will appease him.

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    1. I think that’s the way things are going; we are going to have to make offerings and sacrifices to appease him, especially in the run-up to Beltane and Hallowe’en when the veil between worlds is thin. 👻

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  2. I can understand you’re petrified after finding out such a piece of news. Unfortunately, I don’t know any exorcist to recommend you.

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  3. A quick comment… Glad to see justice is served. The West Ham player is in the Belgian newspapers this Saturday morning because he’s to be prosecuted for kicking his cat. And he’s also dropped by Adidas…

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  4. Moi aussi! (le 21) & I , too, prefer old horror movies, especially early seventies English ones featuring stars such as Susan George…As for Sa Maj, your only hope may be that when he was made, the mold was broken…he certainly is unique! (Also the cutest little “devil”)

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