Le Premier Chat

Louis Catorze is delighted that one of his comrades has infiltrated moved into the White House. And he is not remotely surprised to learn that the cat chose them, and not vice versa, when she decided to join Dr Biden on stage during her husband’s presidential campaign.

I imagined that Catorze would be somewhat affronted that the cat’s name is Willow (sweet and delicate) whereas the Bidens’ dog is called Commander (authoritative and strong). After all, it will be a cold day in hell before any self-respecting cat allows themselves to be commanded by a dog. However, don’t be fooled. This is clearly a ruse on Willow’s part, to trick us with her dainty, pretty name before unleashing her malevolence onto the world.

I’ve seen this kind of thing before. The most evil cat I have ever known was Missy, one of my childhood/early adulthood cats: prissy name, minuscule size (smaller than Catorze, which takes some doing) and a barely-audible, breathy squeak of a meow, yet with the kind of psychopathic mind that would make most serial killers shudder. I still have the remains of a scar on my wrist that I repeatedly had to explain throughout my late teens because it looked like a self-harm mark.

Missy also used her nefarious ways to brainwash her feline counterparts. Her long-term consort, Rambo (younger followers: ask your parents), was a docile cuddlebug and a non-hunter when he first arrived but, after Missy’s Mansonesque indoctrination, he changed. My sister once caught him on our upper floor landing, crunching the headless corpse of a huge rabbit twice the size of Missy and which she would never have been able to drag through the cat flap alone. Had they been humans, she would have been the criminal mastermind and he, the brainless muscle who dutifully buried the bodies and scrubbed down the crime scene.

Rambo (tuxedo) and Missy (tortie cult leader), pictured in July 1994.

Commander the dog may be commanding in name, but Willow the cat is the one we need to watch. Would you trust a cat who had access to both The Mothership AND the nuclear launch codes?

Just Biden her time (picture from today.com).

19 thoughts on “Le Premier Chat

  1. Considering what/who had the nuclear codes before Biden took office, we will trust in the cat, thanks.
    No surprise that Missy was a tortie. Hmmm.

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    1. That’s a very good point! 🤣🤣🤣 And, yes, a tortie. I’ve not known any others apart from her, but oh my goodness I HAVE HEARD ABOUT THEM.

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  2. Unlike Willow, cats like Missy look as if they had escaped from the hell. We must be cautious when welcoming one of them.

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  3. That face…that raised paw..she’s on the lookout, ready to whap whoever’s outta line into shape! 🤣 (As only a tortie can…mine was sweet and Mensa smart, yet suffered no fools: cat, dog, or human. She absolutely ruled the hood.)
    Willow For President! 🐈

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    1. What was your tortie’s name? Missy also didn’t suffer fools gladly, and she was a very adept hunter.


  4. Sashi. (My brother named her) I always called her Sashibelle, because her temperament was that of a Southern Belle in that she could purr and chop your head off in the same breath 😂 The animals, of course, called her unmentionable things and crossed the street when she lay sunning with impunity on the sidewalks in front of their homes.

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    1. Bahahahahahaha! Sound like another childhood cat of mine, called Misha. Dog walkers would cross the street when they got to our house because he would run out and attack the dogs. 🤣🤣🤣


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