Les yeux sur nous

A few updates from us at Le Château:

I am still alive. This is good news, although I still think death would have been kinder because I now have to live out my days knowing I have indirectly had cat arse in my mouth. And our holiday apartment hosts have emailed Cat Daddy to thank him for leaving the place clean and tidy, and have said he is welcome to return anytime. This is also good, if surprising, news.

However, Deliveroo, having pocketed the £100 cost of the order that never came, have still not refunded Cat Daddy and have closed the case because he “failed to respond to their emails”. (He DID respond, multiple times.) This is not quite such good news.

And, in even less optimal news, Louis Catorze has taken his food-driven creepy staring to another level. As well as staring from a distance, staring from close up, and the more passive-aggressive sitting by his bowl looking dejected, he has now begun to creepy-stare whilst we watch television in the dark.

Now, having him stare in the dark may not sound that bad, since a black cat in a dark room is technically invisible. However, this is what we’re faced with:

For heaven’s sake.

I know. It’s just not on.

I fear that the little sod may be channelling his big brother Luther, who practically INVENTED food-driven bullying and intimidation. If his pleas for food were ignored and his creepy staring didn’t work, he would take to sliding objects off the table, with his eyes fixed unblinkingly upon mine. If that didn’t work, he would jump up on top of the television and dangle one limb down over the screen, then another limb, then his tail. And if THAT didn’t work, he would pad about on top of the television and find the power button to switch it off.

This chap would be proud of his little brother for following in his foodsteps.

Because Catorze is considerably less bright than Luther, it has taken him seven years to get to this point. But the fact that he’s got this far is alarming (our expectations were pretty low).

I know that the only solution is not to look at him. But, just like those people who can’t tear their eyes away from a horrible car accident whilst passing, we can’t help it.

22 thoughts on “Les yeux sur nous

  1. Reminds me of my dog, Tascha, who had an arsenal of techniques to extract food from me. The stare was first, then the paw went up to shake hands. If that didn’t work she would rest her chin on my knee and give me the sad eyes. If all else failed, she would start drooling. That worked every time.

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          1. Oh my! I will never forget that. And neither will the husband of one of my friends, who was woken up by her laughing when she read about it.

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    1. He did indeed. Catorze also inherited Luther’s sick fund from him. At the time it was around £600 but over the years it has grown, and shrunk, and grown again.

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  2. Oh dear – I have encountered several instances of cats clearlycommunicating across “the veil.” I think Luther has definitely been tutoring him to move s-l-o-w-l-y.

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