Arroser le repas royal

After a couple of weeks of happily eating dry Orijen, Louis Catorze has decided that he would like it dampened down again.

I was worried that he was in pain and/or having difficulty eating. However, when he saw the vet for his steroid shot and I asked them to check his teeth just in case, they confirmed that there was nothing wrong with him. So he doesn’t have a medical reason for requiring dampened-down Orijen. He’s just being a shit.

It gets worse: it seems that, this time around, he wants the water chaser to be boiling, and not 70 degrees. (Don’t worry: once the water hits his cold bowl it cools immediately, leaving the food comfortable enough to eat.) And he will only eat it if the boiling water was just poured a couple of seconds previously. Longer than a minute or two beforehand and it’s a firm NON.

No doubt by the time this goes live, he will have changed his mind again about what he wants. That said, he has surely been through every possible permutation of Orijen-in-water and there’s nothing further we can add/change, other than perhaps deciding that the boiling water chaser must be made from “aged ice” (a chunk chipped off a millennia-old Antarctic glacier, flown here in a refrigerated light aircraft, melted down and poured into our kettle).

In not-much-better news, the sittings for his 2021 Official Hallowe’en Portrait have been beyond a joke. Despite the genius idea of placing the pumpkin in Catorze’s prime creepy staring position, we have had mostly grim disasters plus a couple that were passable but nothing special. I think we are going to have to cheat with the final version by Noir-filtering the hell out of a photo that Cat Daddy took earlier this year.

For goodness’ sake.
Pretending to pose but is actually creepy-staring for food.
“Joyeuse Halloween. Now feed moi.”
Artsy in a strange sort of way.
I have no words for this.

23 thoughts on “Arroser le repas royal

  1. When you boil water in a pot, there are bubbles which break the surface and vapor which rises above the pot. Don’t forget Louis is Louis. Perhaps he likes having a look at those bubbles and vapor because he hopes for a ghost appearing.

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  2. “He’s just being a shit.” LOL! I know how these little rituals can get out of hand.

    My kitty boy, Andy, stopped by me when I was preparing breakfast one day. I made the mistake of opening the cabinets nearby so he could look inside. While he looked inside, I pet and “scritched” him, telling him what a wonderful kitty boy he was and how there were no mousies, thanks to what a wonderful kitty boy Andy is!

    (Of course, there never have been mice in those cabinets, but Andy doesn’t correct me when I give him credit for that!)

    Need I tell you now any time I am near those cabinets, Andy comes running, and we have to go through this little ritual!? It all started with just one time when I wasn’t alert to the possibility it would become Andy’s favorite thing to do in the kitchen.

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