L’alpha et l’oméga (Partie 4)

My school holidays are here. (Yes, U.K. teachers, I break up much earlier than the rest of you.)

My holiday time so far has consisted of the following:

1. Writing a list of the books I want to read this summer.

2. Writing a list of the cocktails I want to make, and spending inordinate amounts of money on random, niche ingredients that I will most likely use just one time, for one drink. (Mezcal, anyone? A bit of Fernet-Branca?)

3. Watching football.

4. Reading the comments on Matt Hancock’s Instagram and laughing so much that I almost need to be sedated. (If you have not done this, please try it even if only for a few minutes. It will brighten your day more than you ever thought possible.)

So, in all, I have been pretty productive, even if I do say so myself.

In other news, we know that the Omega 3 oil wasn’t supposed to have so many Parties. However, we have hit upon a huge deal-breaker of a stumbling block: the supplements make Louis Catorze stink like a rotting corpse.

It’s very unfortunate because his dandruff is hugely improved, and we are sure that further use would have continued to show positive results. But, given the choice, I’m pretty sure most people would choose a cat who didn’t stink like a rotting corpse over one who did.

Honestly, it’s not a mild smell that can be disguised by room spray, scented candles or suchlike, not that we use any of that kind of thing anymore on account of our sensitive mutual friend. It’s a truly gut-wrenching stench, just awful.

Cat Daddy’s Helpful Comment of the Day: “I’d actually rather have the dandruff.” (Regretfully, I am inclined to agree.)

Anyway, the vet has never heard of this side effect before – the fact that it’s only ever happened to Catorze will, of course, surprise nobody – but she has suggested some other brands to try, and I am hoping that one of them will make him smell better. They certainly can’t make him smell any worse.

When you don’t need to set an alarm, because the smell wakes you.

21 thoughts on “L’alpha et l’oméga (Partie 4)

  1. Have a nice summer holiday.
    By the way, do Cat Daddy and you also stink like a rotting corpse after Louis coming on your laps?

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  2. I wonder if that’s why Donnie went for Catorze: he was beginning to smell different? 🤔 Perhaps your vet may be able to recommend a substitute, such as krill or plant based oil?

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  3. Maybe that’s even what started the fight with Donnie, “dude, you stink!” and voilà, Cat World War I started! Poor baby though, it’s sad to stink, I hope you find something better very soon 🙂

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    1. You might be right! And sadly the smell comes from his skin/fur – it’s not wind, which is what some people initially thought – so it’s permanently there. It’s pretty grim. Let’s hope Beauty Oil 2,0 is better!


  4. I tried a fish oil supplement once that made me smell like a dead fish. Perhaps Louis’ supplement was something similar. (I did have better luck with another brand.)

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    1. I hope he will have better luck too! He’s always smelled very good, like lime blossom, so to go from that to putrid, dead flesh is quite a comedown! 🤢

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