Le renard peureux

It’s the summer solstice. Usually, by this time of the year, we are not even close to hitting the heady heights of 28+ degrees – that tends to come in July/August – but this month has been a hot one.

However, the one good thing about it all is that cat mischief is inversely proportional to soaring temperatures; it’s simply too hot for cats to misbehave. And we imagine that Donnie has been feeling it, too, since he hasn’t been round in a while. Apart from, erm, last night, when he showed up and started a yowling match with Louis Catorze in front of our horrified dinner guests. And that time when a neighbour whom I don’t even know had to break up a fight between the pair of them. Oh, and that other time when I was awoken by that awful cat fight sound, and I looked outside to see their unmistakable forms on the fence. (Yes, it was definitely them. I know their silhouettes like I know my own name.)

Sa Maj has been flopping languidly around Le Château and Le Jardin, spending inordinate amounts of time at his Rodent Duty station (the gap by the fence separating us from the Zone Libre). He was outside with Cat Daddy the other day, happily pitter-pattering around, when the birds in the Zone Libre started screeching.

Now, we all know full well that, when birds screech in unison, it’s never good. Anyone with any brains would run in the opposite direction. So, naturellement, Catorze decided to run into the Zone Libre to investigate.

It was Foxy Loxy.

Cat Daddy was powerless to help on the other side of the fence, and all he could do was stare (and curse the fact that he didn’t have his phone to take a picture). Then, unbelievably, Foxy Loxy took one look at Catorze … and fled.

This is not the first time we have seen this; in fact, Cat Daddy has seen THREE foxes run away from Catorze. Obviously it’s no bad thing that a predator who could finish the little sod in an instant would choose, instead, to retreat. But we are puzzled and terrified that the birds’ screeching, something we thought to be a universal sign of abject peril – yes, known even to a dimwit like Le Roi, surely? – would send him running TOWARDS it.

Is there anything we can do about this? There must be some kind of training or lessons, like teaching kids the Green Cross Code? (Younger followers: ask your grandparents.)

“I hear danger! I must interfere for absolument no raison whatsoever!”

25 thoughts on “Le renard peureux

  1. “Hark ! My people need me ! I must away !”

    In my days of dealing with some junior high students, I found that one way to achieve control when they acted seriously crazy was if I could make them believe I might even be capable of a tad more craziness. This may explain the foxes fleeing LeRoi.

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    1. I have just read it was your wedding anniversary yesterday. Therefore, happy anniversary to you and Cat Daddy.
      I like the word “outstanding” and if Poor Louis is not an outstanding cat, both of you are outstanding cat lovers.

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      1. Thank you! Apart from the embarrassing cat fight sounds and the fact that we can never face our friends again, we had a lovely day. 😊


    1. He is, isn’t he? Imagine if he and Darth actually got together in person/feline, instead of just communicating telepathically! 😱

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  2. Me fears you may be allowing yourselves to be fooled by a furry genius in miniature form. Les corbeaux may very well be Catorze’ secret army, transmogrified, informing him that The Time Has Come to battle Les Renards (or unseen forces.) Sa Maj has to but utter the command and pint sized black panthers will chase Foxy & Co. away….N’est Pas? 😼

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    1. So … they are on the same side, united against Foxy Loxy? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, an’ all?


  3. Mais bien sur! After all, foxes are silent predators and I imagine that the ear splitting raquet of Les Renards and Sa Maj would do just about anything in, non? You & Cat Daddy should be proud to have such a brave warrior in your midst 😹

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