London Derrière: a short verse to bid adieu to two old friends

Oh Donnie boy, the vet, the vet is calling
To neuter you, so you’ll no longer roam.
The moment’s come; it’s time for your de-balling.
It’s best for you that you stick close to home.

Though come ye back when you cannot make babies;
From empty sacks your seed you will not sow.
You and Le Roi could still stay buddies maybe
But Donnie boy, oh Donnie boy, your balls must go.
Off you go, low-hanging fruits. Chop chop.

25 thoughts on “London Derrière: a short verse to bid adieu to two old friends

    1. I think it’s doubtful, to be honest. Cat Daddy has a friend who lives about halfway between us and Donnie’s, and when he was over there he looked out at the back garden and Donnie’s route here is not easy.


      1. Normally, if Louis is really Donnie’s best friend, the route won’t prevent him from coming.
        By the way, do you know my previous comment is still awaiting moderation?

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        1. Oh my, I didn’t realise that! I will check the comments. Thanks for letting me know! The route is quite a complicated and arduous one. It wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t see Donnie anymore.


    1. He has a perfectly lovely cat two doors away, who wants to be friends … but Sa Maj won’t have it! 🙄


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